Aventador crash in London caught on camera (Video)

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Ouch. That’s about all there is to say about this rather nasty crash involving a beautiful black Lamborghini Aventador.

Luckily (or rather not if you prefer to look at Aventadors in peak condition) the moment of impact between a Lamborghini aventador and two other, uhm, lesser cars was caught on camera for the world to see.

The Aventador is seen speeding around a corner and then subsequently smashing both its left and right side into two other cars. (more…)

Mammoth CT scanner to analyze Car Wrecks

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CT scan wrecked car

We know that if you have an internal problem with your body your doctor would recommend either an X-Ray or a CT scan. And now it seems the same technology will be used on crashed cars to help analyze and determine what caused them to crash.

Computed Tomography (CT scan to you and me) has long since helped many a human, and now the Fraunhofer Development Center would like to do the same for crashed cars.

The center is using the biggest CT scanner they can get their hands on to analyze the wrecks. Naturally, a standard, hospital-sized one will not cover an SUV…

Fraunhofer has said that the CT scan will provide analysts with an in-depth, 3D view of the wreckage without hamoering or disrupting anything. Thus leaving the wreckage in it’s ‘original’ state.  (more…)

Semi-Truck goes Airborne and Explodes!

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exploding truck

This might seem like a scene out of a Fast and Furious movie, or some kind of weird internet prank.

However, this video of a semi-truck losing control on a highway in Indianapolis, then going airborne and then subsequently exploding into a huge ball of flames, is the real deal.

Some other man and a passenger was driving peacefully (and, luckily for us, filming their drive) when suddenly the huge truck came rushing across the highway and crash-landed in a way that made it look like it was part of a movie!

Fortunately, the driver of the truck and his 7-year old son escaped the runaway truck before it went airborne and exploded and each only had a few minor scratches. They can thank their lucky stars!

Check out the video below and witness this unbelievable crash:


Rowan Atkinson Crashes Pride Of Car Collection: McLaren F1 (Picture)

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Rowan Atkinson, comedian and car collector extraordinaire was released from hospital today with no serious injuries after losing control of his maroon McLaren F1 and crashing into a telephone pole, setting the car alight in the process.

Atkinson apparently walked away from the wreck and sat on the side of the road with another motorist, waiting for emergency services. He has hurt his shoulder but no long term injuries are expected.


Video Round-Up: Insane Accidents From World Motorsport This Week

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There have been some stunning incidents this week, ranging from the hilarious video of a Formula 1 marshall rolling under Luizzi’s car in Malaysia, to this horrifying footage of a race car completely clearing the concrete barrier at Brands Hatch, UK. We’ve got a second video of that horror smash, in which both drivers walked away, as well as a few you might have missed, including Jason Plato’s high speed bender in the British Touring Car Championships.

More videos after the jump

New BMW 5 Series Clears Brake Intervention Crash Test

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BMW is thinking more seriously about the safety of its cars and the passengers in cases of a collision, hence why they have resorted to anticipatory assistance systems.

BMW 5 Series accident

Once such technology is preventive brake intervention and the German premium automobile manufacturer has successfully crash tested this system on the new 5 series (530d) model in collaboration with DEKRA. The intervention of this technology helps a 64km/h impact reduce to 40km/h as the automobile senses danger and applies automatic brakes not waiting for the driver to respond in such cases. The car’s advanced sensors first sense a probable collision and issue a warning to the driver and then the automatic brakes kick in. This may impress NCAP but what is ironical is that NCAP crash tests cars without applying the brakes.

Glad this didn't happen to me: Nissan GTR hits parked car

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I’ve never driven a Nissan GTR, but I’ve heard that it is so good and that the driver is probably the worst link in the car. Some say it’s so good that you have to try really hard to lose control.

We can only assume that the driver of this unfortunate GTR tried really, really hard to lose control because as you can see it looks like he succeeded. Apparently he drove into the back of another car.

Glad this didn’t happen to me.

Fastest Man in the World, Crashes His BMW M3 in Jamaica

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Usain Bolt is the Olympic Champion and the fastest man on earth. Not with a car though. World 100m and 200m record holder, Usain was “running” his 309kW (420hp) BMW M3 Coupe (given by his sponsor, Puma) on Wednesday afternoon, and because of a wet road surface, his M3 skidded off the road. He got minor injuries to the ball of his feet from thorns, but he walked on right after. Not the same could be said about the car though, which had the front tyres were punctured, the front left wheel almost torn off, a destroyed windscreen and a dislodged rear window. The 22-year old sprinter said “Me good man. Me all right, a just few cuts man, me all right”. So it’s good that only the car got wrecked in here … [via ]