Ferrari Concept Bike Looks Amazing

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Though we’d like Ferrari to keep focusing on building amazing cars, we can’t take a look and not say anything about that incredible concept bike. Dubbed V4 Superbike, packing a modified engine from a Ferrari Enzo, F-16 fighter jet hand controls and buttons like those from a F1 race car, this must be the most amazing bike I’ve seen in my whole life. Badass enough?

VW Super CC Eco Performance Concept

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This year’s SEMA is full of interesting stuff, and VW Passat fan should know it. I’m talking about the new Super CC Eco Performance concept, that is based on Passat CC FSI but adds more to the game. That includes custom bumpers for both front and rear, side panels, a new sportier rear spoiler and an amazing grey pearl paint to contrast with those black chrome details. Under the hood, like I said, there’s a 2.0-litre FSI engine that “lives” within the Passat CC, which sports from 222hp to 311hp, depending on the Eco (up to 33mpg), GT or the Performance mode you choose.

Sounds incredible. It’s a mix of power, fuel efficiency and great looks, that will probably get into your heart. – via

BMW CS Concept Officially Cancelled – WHY?

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BMW is not going to chase the Porsche Panamera afterall. The whole project that involved renewing the 8-series with the BMW CS Concept, got canceled and looks like the Germans took the decision because of the whole European and American financial downturn that involves cost cutting and people being laid off. Instead of investing in the CS Concept, BMW is going to work their butts on future technology that involves EfficientDynamics and project i programs at the moment. If they were to ask me, the model would have been a real success, but these guys are running a business here and they need to think short, medium and even long term.

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MINI Crossover Concept, Looks … Mini

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Apart from the hybrid or electric vehicles that overtook Paris, one of the best concepts out there, is the new MINI Crossover Concept that looks just about gorgeous. I’ve always been a MINI fan, and seeing such a thing can only make me happier. That’s a four door MINI on steroids if it’s going to look like this …

With the B-pillar on the driver’s side dropped and a lift/sliding door that goes to the back for easier access to the rear, the new MINI Crossover looks sweet, but the sugar comes from the three-dimensional MINI Center Globe which is the display that allows the driver to control all major entertainment, telecom and sat-nav functions or the speedometer. Will it make it to mass production? I don’t know, but I’d wish. Do you like it ? – via

New Hyundai Coupe

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Why I never enjoyed the Hyundai coupe is a mystery for me, because I’m fond with the coupes. For no special reason the shark looks never appealed to me, but things are about to change. The new Hyundai Coupe is going to be based on the Velostar concept (pictured below) gotten a few details from the new Renault Laguna and should be the same class as Toyota Celica. We’ll get to see the new Coupe next year (2009) at the German motorshow in Frankfurt. Do you like the way it looks now? Any big changes that can lead you to buying one?


Citroen 2CV Concept Design

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We all know that the French manufacturers are trying to win clients with their designs, but something like that? This is a Citroen 2CV Concept design by David Portela who is trying to make the , new again. The design got my attention mainly because of the lines and the shiny color. Inspired by the original car and the aeronautical world there seems to be a mix of the 40-50s style and futurism that makes the 2CV look really this time. That model would be a great gift for the 2CV 60th anniversary. I just hope Citroen will contact David Portela to help them design it.


Land Rover LRX Concept in Geneva

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Land Rover LRX Concept

The floor in Geneva is filled with beauties. Land Rover LRX Concept is the company’s newest “improved version” that has some exceptional specs. First of all the 2.0L turbo diesel engine that does 60mpg (or 4.7 liters for every 100km) with CO2 emission levels at 120g/km.

Another thing that got my attention is the Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD) technology that would allow LRX to use electric drive alone at lower speeds while retaining full (even improved) sport utility ability in tough conditions. The looks are great as you can probably see. The top roof and the underbody are made of lightweight materials which not only makes it lighter but also safer.

This is still a concept but showing it in Geneva could mean that with such specs it should go into production sooner than we think. The black it has in the pictures, is so handsome.

Land Rover LRX Concept Land Rover LRX Concept Black Land Rover LRX Concept Black