Futuristic Aston Martin to make it’s debut in Gran Turismo 6

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Concept cars are great. Mostly because it is, after all, only a concept and you can really let your imagination go. Not only are concept cars fun to design by designers themselves, but its also great for us car fanatics to see what people come up with and what we can possibly see in the near future.

This latest Aston Martin concept is like something out of a sci-fi film – and it’s awesome.

Called the DP-100, Aston Martin actually teamed up with video game development studio, Polyphony Digital, to come up weigh the idea. And why a video game developer? Well, because the car will actually make its debut in a video game.

Say hello to the latest addition to Gran Turismo 6’s line up! (more…)

Real life ‘Hoverbike’ could become a reality soon

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One thing that has always fascinated petrol heads (or actually most people in general) is the concept of a ‘hoverboard’ or ‘hover car’. The idea of literally hovering above the ground as a mode of transport is an exciting prospect and one that we have only seen in sci-fi films. Until now that is.

Chris Malloy, an Australian designer based in London, has come up with something called a ‘hoverbike’ – and while it’s not a hovering skateboard or a hovering car, it’s pretty much as close as we’ll get to any ‘hovering’ mode of transport.

The Hoverbike concept is kind of like a cross between a motorbike, a four-wheeler and a drone quad-copter. And it really does look as though it just came off the set of the latest Star Wars film.

The Hoverbike uses spinning rotors on both the front and back side of the machine. These create enough energy for the Hoverbike to actually lift off the ground. (more…)

Volkswagen Bulli Gets Set for 2014

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Having already expressed a desire to build a vehicle that has a 1960s Microbus style, Volkswagen has gone ahead and done just that with the Bulli concept. The new vehicle concept was recently shown at the Geneva Auto Show as a part of its Heritage series.


2013 Lincoln MKZ Concept to be Revealed in Detroit Next Year

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The Lincoln MKZ model has been on the market since 2005 and is now making a comeback, sporting a new look. The concept version of the new Lincoln MKZ is said to characterize an ‘evolutionary redesign’ which will retain its original front and all-wheel design.


Audi City E-Tron Concept Spotted in Berlin

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Spy photographers have caught the new Audi City E-Tron concept on camera during a shoot in Berlin.


Honda CR-Z Mugen RR Concept Detailed

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Honda has revealed new details of its CR-Z Mugen RR concept. The vehicle, which was initially shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, comes with a forceful M-TEC body kit with a carbon fibre hood, doors and tailgate.


Infiniti JX Concept Fourth Teaser Out

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The fourth teaser image of the Infiniti JX Concept car has been released. This 7-seater beauty has been custom made especially for family voyages. The crossover has style credits inspired by the car maker’s earlier concepts.


Renault Frendzy Concept Shown Ahead of Frankfurt Show [Video]

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It’s not just another electric-car concept debut from the Renault. Frendzy looks trendy and matches any current gas powered hatch. The automaker has unveiled its Frendzy concept car ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show starting this September.


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