Hyundai Veloster Rally Car to Debut at Chicago

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Hyundai is set to unleash the Veloster rally car at the Chicago Auto Show after we saw the production ready version of the standard model at the Detroit Auto Show last month. Hyundai are tight lipped on further details, but they did release an image of the car with Red Bull racing colors. The car was having heavy under body protection, an extended rear wing and hopefully a bulky suspension too.


Mini One Clubman – Entry-level, Affordable and Fuel Efficient

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This years Motor Show in Geneva is not far (starts March 28) and we already heard there are a lot of surprises for us. One comes from Mini, which we’ve been told, will be unveiling their entry-level, affordable and fuel efficient Mini One Clubman. With the exquisite Clubman interior, the stylish vehicle uses a 1.4-liter four-cylinder petrol engine that outputs 95hp, goes from naught to 100km/h in 11.6 seconds and has a fuel efficiency of 52.3 mpg. The eco factor comes from the fact that it’s using the brake regeneration technology, auto start/stop and a shift point display that tells the driver when to shift to maximize fuel economy. From what we’ve heard – can’t confirm it yet, the price in the UK will be starting at £13,290 so better expect it to be a bit more expensive in SA.

MINI Clubman Rickshaws in Beijing

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These days, just beautiful pictures and creative ads on television may not be enough. Therefore BMW did something really interesting this time and had to come up with a different approach that I think will most likely get them visitors. They want to sell more MINI Clubman units so their idea was to stick them in people’s eyes in Beijing. How? As MINI Clubman rickshaws.

Now that’s weird but also a great marketing strategy because a lot of people appreciated the effort and took on a ride. I supposes that’s the best Clubman for eco-activists out there which always think about Earth before doing anything. Though we’re not ecogeeks, we’s love to give it a spin on Beijing’s streets.

via AutoMotoSCope

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