First Lot of 350 Chevy Volts Heads for US Dealerships

Published on Dec 16th, 2010, No Comments

So the Chevy Volts have started reaching for the dealerships.  Though it might take time till next year for a full roll out,  the first lot of 350 Volt EVs has hit the road to dealerships in California, Texas, Washington DC and New York.

volt First Lot of 350 Chevy Volts Heads for US Dealerships


Spark in Wood; Set To Kindle Auto Buffs' Interests

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A wood paneled car has been announced by Chevrolet Europe. The news is that the car is part of Chevrolet’s campaign to make artistic contributions to the Spark model. Called the Art Sparks project, the campaign has the Spark Woody in the works. The model of the car was shown at the Newquay in Cornwall for the Boardmasters surf, skate and music festival.

Spark Woody1 Spark in Wood; Set To Kindle Auto Buffs' Interests


2007 Chevy Silverado vs Ford F150

Published on Feb 22nd, 2010, 1 Comment

Wonder which is a better truck between the 2007 Chevy Silverado and the Ford F150? Here’s who wins it by a LONG shot …

Car Of The Year finalists announced

Published on Nov 27th, 2009, 2 Comments

308782a6519a423caecd57b66e451426 Car Of The Year finalists announced

The finalists for the 2010 South African Snoozefest Car of the year have been announced. The finalists in no particular order of monotony are:

  • Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4i Turbo Petrol
  • Audi Q5 2.0 T STronic
  • Chevy Cruze 1.8 LS
  • Hyundai i20 1.6 GLS
  • Suzuki Alto 1(!) litre GLS
  • Toyota Prius
  • VW Golf 6 1.4 TSI 90 kw Comfortline
  • Volvo XC60 3.0T Geartronic

From here on the finalists go on a couple of tests which include high speed dynamic assessment, parking ability, handling and other tests all while monitoring the fuel consumption.

I suppose they will have a proper car to tow some of these babies around to get them to high speed because on their own steam they won’t get there.

Anyway, which one do you think will win and why – leave a comment.

Chevy Camaro Heading to the Old Country

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Europe will get to ride the Chevy Camaro. It seemst the 2010 US  Camaro is off to an impressive start in the U.S.. Sold out! is the world despite the general economic downturn. GM has confirmed that the Camaro will be sold in Europe. Sale dates and prices are TBD.

chevy camaro headed to europe 1 Chevy Camaro Heading to the Old Country

In the U.S., the Camaro comes with a 304-horsepower 3.6 liter V6 or a 400 or 426-horsepower 6.2 liter V8. It hasn’t been determined which of the three will be heading to the Old Country.

GM will offer its fuel-saving Active Fuel Management n the 400-horse V8 version. Some Europeans will like the the Camaro because of its four-wheel independent suspension and  stability control, not to mention it’s American handling.

The car starts at $23,040 for the V6 and $35,425 for the V8-powered. That’s about €16,400 and €25,215, respectively. GM hasn’t let on to the oversea’s price as of yet. [via ]

Chevrolet Cruze for 2009 WTCC

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chevy cruze wtcc Chevrolet Cruze for 2009 WTCC

Chevrolet is renowned for its successful streak of twelve wins at the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) and that’s why this year they’ll introduce the new Cruze, to win it again. Chevy is already testing the new model to make sure their new Cruze is top notch with an aggressive design, a long list of specs and an affordable price. We’ll get to see it in Curitiba, Brazil for the 2009 WTCC.

chevy cruze wtcc 1 Chevrolet Cruze for 2009 WTCC

“The new Cruze will be the next milestone in Chevrolet Europe’s motorsports history. So far, we have achieved every goal we set in 2005, step by step: challenge the competition, score points, prove we can win and then become regular frontrunners against competition with an established motorsports resume. With the Cruze, we will put the bar even higher and firmly aim at winning the World Championship. Chevrolet’s unique ‘trump card’ is having worked with the same team, engineers and drivers for the past four seasons, with the success we all know. To be able to do this again with the Cruze will only help to increase our chances of achieving our goals.” said Eric Nève, Manager for Chevrolet Europe Motorsport.

Chevy Volt – Production Version Images

Published on Sep 8th, 2008, 1 Comment

chevy volt leak Chevy Volt   Production Version Images

Another leakage in the car market and some more guys to appreciate it. Yes, we do appreciate when we can see the new version/model before the official debut at motor shows. Today it’s Chevy’s turn to show us some spice. Their new electric vehicle (car), Chevy Volt, appears in a few shots with all sorts of “models” that don’t seem to be prepared. Honestly, we’d have expected young women close to the car instead of ties and suits

But back to Chevy Volt, the company released a couple of teaser images last few months but this time we have it for real so ladies and gents, this is how the new Chevrolet Volt is going to look. That’s the actual production model. How do you like it? Beats Prius? Would you buy one?

via Carconnection

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