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The Most Equipped Taxi in New York

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NY Cab

We all know that New York is famous for being a city that never sleeps, Wall Street and, of course, it’s famously below taxi’s.

With so many taxis in bustling city, what can you, as a cab driver, do to make sure you pick up more people than the other, equally yellow taxi’s? You pimp your ride, of course! And that’s exactly what this one cab driver did – and by pimp, we mean PIMPED!

Car Force One – that’s the name of the all new, decked-out cab in New York. A clever play on Barack Obama’s ride, Air Force One, this cab promises to bring you everything and then some. (more…)

Will.I.Am’s $900 000 custom car creation

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Celebrities make a lot of money. Celebrities in the music industry make even more money. And if you’re a hot shot singer/rapper/producer like Will.I.Am, you probably don’t know then end of your riches.

So, with all this money lying around, what do celebrities choose to spend their cash on? Well, mostly cars. Expensive and very much ‘out-ther’ cars. We’ve seen Lamborghini’s and Bugatti’s – but Will.I.Am takes the cake with this freakish, $900 000 custom car creation. (more…)

Autostyle Monthend Specials

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The Autostyle July Month end Specials is now available. Check out their newsletter to view this exclusive promotion.

2008 Widebody VW Touareg by JE Design

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JE Design, the VW tuning specialist from Germany, developed a distinctive widebody exterior design. The front spoiler for the front bumper features a number of vents that are primarily to protect power upgraded engines from dying of heatstroke. Combined to this is a set of side sills with visual air vents, rear skirt attachment for vehicles with PDC plus a tailgate attachment for the lower tailgate area. The complete body kit also includes special wheel arch extensions providing the ultimate Wide Body look. And a nice set of 22″x10 ET55 by 10-Star-Wheels are filling in the gap with electronical lowering suspension module. Sexy..


Hamann Thunder: M3 Look and 560-Horsepower V10 Engine

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For those of you who have heard the name Hamann, you will know they are a pretty crazy bunch of people. Taking a perfectly good BMW/Ferrari/Lamborghini and turning it into an incredible work of art. (more…)

Forget Hummer limos – here is the Ferrari F360 Modena limo

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large (420 x 262).jpg

It’s a stretch literally and figuratively  – it’s the F360 Modena turned into a 23 foot long limousine with gullwing doors.

Built for limousine company Style Limousine in England at a cost of about $400,000 plus the price of the car, it seats eight people in carbon fiber seats, each with a racing belt harness. Style claims that the standard 395 hp (295 kw) engine will yield a zero to sixty time of less than six seconds.

The limousine uses advanced construction techniques for both the body and the gullwing doors. Much of the bodywork is carbon fiber, as are the doors.

The F360 stretch isn’t the only unique limousine in the Style fleet. It also includes a stretch Hummer painted bright pink, as well as other stretch Hummers, Range Rovers and Chrysler 300s. Then there’s the LimoJet – the fuselage and tail of a Lear Jet converted into a limousine.

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Mercedes-Benz Brabus Bullit

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Over the past three decades Brabus has perfected the art of transplanting large and extremely powerful engines into the bodies of small cars. That path led to numerous world records and entries into the Guinness Book of World Records. The Brabus Bullit, built in small-series production based on the new Mercedes C-Class sedan, celebrates its world debut at the IAA 2007 as the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing.

At the heart of this supercar Brabus placed the Brabus SV12 S Biturbo engine. The implantation of the 6.3-liter engine into the confines of the W 204 series body is yet more proof for the superiority of Brabus know-how. The turbocharged twelve-cylinder engine delivers 720 bhp of superlative power and 974 lb-ft of superlative peak torque.

The performance figures for the Brabus Bullit place it into pole position in its class: The car sprints from 0 – 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds, reaches 124 mph after just 10.49 seconds and shatters the 186-mph (300 km/h) barrier after a mere 24.5 seconds. Top speed is more than 224 mph. There are only a very few super sports cars in the world that can hope to match these numbers.

All-in-all, this is one serious motorcar. Massive engine, massive brakes, massive power… any way you look at it, this thing is fast…

DB9S Styling Package for the Aston Martin DB9

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As you may or may not know, the new Aston Martin DBS was recently released. Featured (if only for a few minutes) in the latest James Bond movie, the DBS is an evolution of the very popular DB9.Well, a company based in England called Project Kahn, has released a styling kit for the standard DB9. The DB9S styling package comprises of two front and two rear valance pieces, side skirts and rear boot lip spoiler. The addition of the front valance sections provides the aggressive front bumper and the molded side skirts provide a ‘low to the road’ look which beautifully sets off the curves and flows of the original bodywork. The styling package is finished off perfectly by a set of 20” Kahn RSV alloy wheels, which Aston Martin actually used on their DBS prototype.

So for those of us who unfortunately can’t afford a DBS, but can afford a DB9, there is now a way to make your ride look even hotter. And for those of us who cant afford either, here are a few pictures of the DBS and the DB9S to wet your appetite…




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