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2007 BMW M3 – Is it letting down the M legacy?

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2007 BMW m3

A new version of one of the world’s best-selling high-performance car is preparing for action – and we have the pictures that prove it. We can reveal the all-new BMW M3:


3 Series excellence, continued

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Normally, coupes are exercises in vanity: all fluff and no substance. Ego-trumping sensibility. Liberace bitch-slapping Alan Greenspan. No one knows this better than BMW, which has been in the 3 Series game since Gerald Ford was cracking his knuckles in the Oval Office. It’s getting pretty good at the game, as evidenced by the outstanding latest version of the 3 Series, which debuted as a 2006 model in “E90″ sedan form only. As in previous generations, the coupe version is released just when the panting over the sedan has subsided.