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Hartge BMW X6

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I will have to be honest and tell you guys that in the beginning I didn’t like the BMW X6, but seeing all sorts of tuners getting their hands on it, I came to feel for it. That’s the case when I look at what those wicked Germans from Hartge did with a X6 xDrive35d diesel. First they got the hands on the supercharged 3.0 twin-turbo engine to make it output 328 hp and 675 Nm of torque, which only helps to get it from 0 to 100 km/h in just under 6 seconds, and to reach a max speed of 256 km/h. But the new Harge BMW X6 is not only about an engine upgrade. There’s an aerodynamic kit made of an ultra-lightweight polyurethane plastic, with an integrated diffuser and stainless-steel tailpipes in a quadrilateral shape. And did we mention Hartge’s 22-inch “Classic 2″ wheels? A great X6 if anyone needs my opinion …

BMW X6 M Gets Official

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Although not official until yesterday, the new BMW X6 M has just been unveiled on the Internet. Expected to be unveiled on April 9th in New York, the new X6 M definitely looks and IS aggressive. Packed with technology that will make you shell out a lot to park it on your alley, the brute is going to feature a 4.4 liter V8 power plant with twin-scroll turbochargers and should put out nothing less than 550 hp. And although it’s heavy it should do 0 to 100km/h in a bit below 5 seconds and a top speed of 155mph, which is actually amazing. With a 6-speed M Sports Automatic transmission with full automatic mode as well as M driving mode and a Dynamic Performance Control system for better grip, the X6 M is definitely a car many have been looking for … [via ]

BMW 5-Series GT, Breaks Out

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The release of the ‘unintentional’ little teaser video of the testing of the BMW 5-Series GT probably is a good sign that the folks at BMW will soon launch the luxury sedan/coupe. Sporting distinct toned down stylistic flares, normal sized wheels, beige leather interior, standard mirrors and rounded dual exhaust tips, it looks both stylish and lavish. The interiors steal the show with their cabin like setting, the sophisticated dashboard and it looks like the very best when it comes to coaxing comfort. With the recession at a probable peak, BMW might just wait a bit longer to launch the car, but when it does come out the 5-Series GT is set to sizzle the roads. We’re expecting it in Frankfurt, this fall. [via]

2009 BMW Alpina B7 Bi-Turbo Leaks Ahead of Genea

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With Geneva just around the corner,next week is going to be awesome. And to prove my point check out the 2009 BMW Alpina B7 Bi-Turbo. Based on an BMW M7, the car is a great mix of power and lux. With a powerful twin-turbocharged, 4.4-liter V8 engine that sports 507 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, it’s supposed to reach 60mph in 4.7 seconds and peaks (electronically) at 173 mph (that’s 280km/h). Although we don’t have all the details, we’re expecting it to hit the floors with an aggressive design, uprated brakes, suspension components and a reworked interior for a comfortable ride. [via ]

BMW 5 Series GT Concept

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There is a car that puts an accent on “driving experience”, but won’t compromise on looks or specs. I’m talking about the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Concept, that is a Progressive Activity Sedan. Some sort of mix between an X6 and a luxurious 7-series, the comfortable four door four seat coupe is definitely designed for the fashion-conscious. Not exactly in love with the front grille but it’s definitely interesting loveable if you consider the lavish interior and the amazing glass roof. Strange , yet eye-catching, we’d love to get behind the wheel for a quick drive.

BMW Z10 ED Eco-Supercar

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You thought BMW was going to let Bentley come up with a biofuel supercar that will get all those ecogeeks excited? Well, they won’t. Developed by the Technik divisio, a two-seat BMW that will go by the name of Z10 ED (Efficient Dynamics) is expected to be a green super car that will blow your mind. Packing a 400hp (298kW) 3.0-liter engine, a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, F1-derived regenerative braking technology that will store energy in a li-ion battery, and start-stop engine management, it’s rumored that the new Z10 ED will cost something close to $110,000. We’re eager to see how it looks … [via ]

BMW M3 Aerodynamic Kit by Hartge

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The M3 is already an amazing ride, but we’ll have to agree that it could use a small facelift from time to time. That’s what the wicked tuners from Hartge managed to do. They came out with an aerodynamic kit that include a front spoiler lip, carbon add-ons for the front spoiler lip, and side sills for both right and left rear. Also included with the package there’s a rear diffuser, a stylish lip for the boot lid (not available for the convertible, though) and a set of carbon cased mirrors. Though we don’t have a price or a full list of changes, it’s obvious that the exterior accessories pimped it out a little, don’t you think? [via ]

2010 BMW 5 Series – More Details

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Many people are waiting to see how the new 2010 BMW 5 Series will look like, but the Germans managed to keep it under the radar until now.  Expected to see the ligth starting October 2010, the folks from managed to get their hands on a set of spyshots with what looks like the new 5-Series. Slightly sportier and with an increased wheelbase, it featurs a wider BMW grille inspired from the CS Concept and packs state of the art technology that includes a steering system with an active rear axle, Night vision, lane-assist, active braking or an advanced cruise control system. With petrol engines under the hood to output from 180 to 370 hp, and diesels ranging from 180 to 290hp, the new 2010 BMW 5 Series sure will definitely be a hot ride. [via ]