BMW Sports Car of The Future

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“It’s the sports car of the future, the way BMW imagines it.” – Adrian van Hooydonk

BMW have unveiled what they think the future is. More in this post, and some pics below.

Of course BMW’s vision is a super economical car that does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and runs at 63 miles to the gallon. The best part though is all this fuel saving technology still produces 356 horsepower. Bring on the future of motoring.

BMW M3 E46 gets Performance upgrades from Kneißler Autotechnik

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Kneißler Autotechnik did not seemingly like the engine output of the BMW M3 E46 and therefore thought it deserves a supercharger. Therefore their wicked mechanics equipped the supercharger with a charge air cooler and revised the engine electronics to help the 3.2-liter inline-six to produce 459 hp and 498 Nm of torque. You might want to be critical to the €13,000 price tag but then there is a lot more power to play with, it might sound interesting. The hike in power is well embraced with the use of a Stoptech braking system with six piston calipers clamping a divided discs (price: €3852), while at the back there are four piston calipers doing the same job (€3103). Wisely enough, the exterior has been left untouched. What a beautiful monster …

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept spotted at BMW Welt In Munich

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BMW is raking in the EfficientDynamics technology for every possible model just to ensure that it uses every drop of diesel to optimum use. The latest commuter bearing the BMW moniker and carrying the ED technology is the Vision Concept which is supposedly being taken off the veil at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Spotted in Munich, the Vision is capable of delivering M-Like performance with unbelievable economy numbers and uber low emissions. These pleasing promises are a courtesy of the VED Concept assisted by 1.5 L three-cylinder turbo diesel engine mated to a complete hybrid powertrain with twin-electric motors. These motors are placed on the front and rear axles and are together capable of producing 365hp with 800Nm of Torque. Consequently the entire combination helps the Vision Concept dash from 0 to 100Km/h in 4.8 seconds, while its tope speed is electronically limited to 250km/h.

Audi R8 stripped for a BMW moniker

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Some crazy BMW enthusiast in frenzy bought the Audi R8 but couldn’t stand those rings on the front and decided to get rid of them. This car has been spotted in Russia and as you can see it’s an Audi R8 that wears a BMW logo. The owner stripped the supercar of all its logos and swapped them with BMW badges on the hood, engine cover and the rear end. Hell, he even got it a name — the BMW 850i. The car is not a replica by any means, but a genuine Audi R8, so someone at BMW should know that a lot of their admirers want an R8 type model and it is high time that they come up with a design matching the class of the R8. Or else the world will live by this ‘Russian example’.

Or it’s been Photoshopped … either way a great one :)

BMW X6 Active Hybrid

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Hybrid commuters are sprouting from every corner of the globe which eventually is great for the otherwise depleting world. The latest name belonging to the category is the BMW X6 Active Hybrid which is powered by a 400 hp 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine in combination with two electric synchronous motors (rated at 91 hp and 86 hp).


As a consequence the X6 Active Hybrid has a combined maximum output of 480 hp with 575 lb-ft of torque. So despite being a hybrid it accelerates from 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds while it can reach a top speed of 130mph (electronically limited). With the incorporation of the Hybrid powertrain, there is a 20% improvement in the average fuel consumption with the CO2 emissions rating at 231 grams per kilometer. At lower speeds only one of the motor comes into usage and it is only when more power is required, that the second motor starts the combustion engine. Other interesting features include an electronic power steering system, an Auto Start/Stop system, a modified suspension and a lightweight braking system. There is also a powerdome hood and 20-inch light-alloy Aero wheels. The sales for the car are expected later this year.

Hamann BMW 5 Series GT

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The German tuner Hamann is famous for giving a new life to existing cars and it does well with all its changes on most occasions. It is therefore evident that bigger monikers like BMW do not have an apprehension to such changes. It is the 5 series which has undergone the trim and there is a set of images that have been revealed. There is no information available regarding the changes have been made but what is known is that the details of the original Hamann 5-Series GT will go public at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The GT as regular variant will come with seating space for four people inside a wheelbase equivalent in length to the 7 Series. The engine will sure go for a trim and one should also look out for a modified front end and rear bumper with signature black wheels and different tailpipes. Also there would be powerful brakes and a host of branded accessories on the inside.

BMW 760i and 760Li: The most powerful 7Series from BMW

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Not only is the BMW 760i/Li the most powerful 7series variant, the luxury sedan is also the second most powerful production BMW in the range. Other than being an extreme powerful machine, it gives the driver a self-indulging addiction given the opulent styling. The 760i/Li houses a 6.0L V12 engine which comes with TwinPower Turbo Technology. This technology helps the car achieve 544hp at 5,250rpm and 750Nm of Torque available from a low 1,500 rpm. The torque is then upped all the way to 5,000rpm.

2010 BMW 760i

Consequently, the sedan does the 100K dash in 4.56 seconds irrespective of the wheelbase you choose and tops it out at 250km/h. The 760i/Li engine complies with EU5 emission standards the car is a major success because of the mated 8-speed automatic gearbox that is said to run smoothly and precisely. Talk about luxury and you get unlimited internet usage (in hotspots of course), automatic AC and electric heater in the rear foot wells. There is Park Distance Control, an 80GB Sat Nav system and a professional Hi-Fi system with 16 loudspeakers and a DVD Player with a 12GB music file storage compartment.

BMW X3 Spied testing in the heat, shots from the Death Valley

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BMW X3 is largely being awaited for the fact that it has gone larger and is more luxurious. But the enthusiasts will have to wait till the time we find it guised on a regular street for then we would know it is real close. Apparently, it was snapped secretly in the Death Valley testing in the hot weather conditions. The redesigned 2011 X3 crossover gives a few details despite be scantily revealing in that camouflage. The most evident are the production air-intakes which furnish an aggressive appearance.


The changes have made the X3 highly differentiable from the X1 but it gets closer to the X5. Another improvement to this car would be the interior cabin reforming the car with a luxurious cockpit and avant-garde features, not to mention the iDrive. The engine choices will include four diesel variants ranging between 177 hp and 229 hp. The petrol options will include two versions of the 3.0-liter inline-six. One would be a naturally aspirated version churning 230hp while the other twin turbo-charged variant will top 300hp. There is also a gas-electric version in the ranks. We expect to see this car next year with sales beginning in the middle of the year. [via ]

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