Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT receives masterful Vilner make-over

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Eight months ago, a client came into Studio Vilner and brought along his first generation Bentley Continental GT. Vilner’s client’s Bentley had a classic, Racing Green exterior colour and the standard production interior in a Saffron colour with brown, wooden accents.

Their client wanted to achieve a distinct individualization for his automobile: this meant that his favourite vehicle should express his own style of luxury, comfort and individuality, while still respecting the beautiful, classic design of the Continental GT.


Bentley Continental Supersports

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Bentley Continental Supersports:

Engine Size: 6L, W12, Twin Turbo
Performance: 0-100km/h 3.7 seconds
Max Speed: 330km/h
Power: 463 kW
Torque: 800 Nm
Weight: 2240 Kg
Price: R2Mill

Bentley Continental GT Supersports 2010

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Los Angeles Times automotive critic Dan Neil reviews the $274,000 (R1.900.000) 2010 Bentley Continental GT Supersports.

Bentley Continental GT Styling by Vorsteiner

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Vorsteiner BR9 Edition for Bentley Continental GT 1

The Bentley Continental GT’s new styling package has finally been revealed by Vorsteiner. Customers are going to be delighted to find that the package has been designed with “vacuum bagged dry carbon fiber technology”, and it includes everything you need to turn your car into a completely new vision with style. You’ll get a new front bumper, as well as a rear one, both of which have been drastically lowered as opposed to their original counterparts; aerodynamic side skirts; and a new spoiler. Additionally, you may opt for a customized paint job, pick between glosse or matte finishing for the interior, and also custom 22-inch wheels complete with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires.

TopCar Bentley Continental GT Bullet

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TopCar Continental GT Bullet

Russian Tuning House TopCar has taken on the new Bentley Continental GT and the GT Speed Coupe, for a new tuning package. Known as Bentley Continental GT Bullet, the new monster got no power upgrades (TopCar didn’t touch the engine) meaning there are actually no performance upgrades. However, on the outside, the changes include a new front-end with a new bumper, a grille (GT specific) and an all new hood with air intakes. The front spoiler has been built-in and so are the LED lights. As far as the sides are concerned, the skirts leading into the wheel wells are distinguishable and they compliment the new rear bumper. The entire kit with alloy wheels costs €25,000 (with €7,000 for the matte paintjob), which is pretty steep, but we’re sure money’s not a problem in Russia. Eh?

Tuned Bentley Continental GT

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Bentley Continental GT by Japanese Tuner Premier4509

The Japanese Tuner Premier4509 managed to impress us with an extravagant Bentley Continental GT. It’s nothing mechanical, just a new handcrafted body kit that includes the front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, new exhaust tips, front fenders and rear quarter panels. As you can probably hint from the picture, the final version is slightly wider (by 4-inch).

“The purpose of this design exercise was to enhance the cars aggressive nature while at the same time keeping a refined look that matched with the original body lines,” said Mr. Yokomaku, Premier4509’s President.

Only 100 units (serial numbered) will be available.

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