Autostyle Monthend Specials

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The Autostyle July Month end Specials is now available. Check out their newsletter to view this exclusive promotion.

ICE Power FM Modulators

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ip-m101fm-wince.jpgHow are these! – We’v just stocked up on these nifty FM Modulators. They plug into your cigarette lighter and give off an FM Signal (you can choose your signal) . You then tune your radio to this frequency and you should be hearing what is playing on the FM Modulator.

All of these include remotes. The entry unit has a USB Stick input while the higher end one has a built in 1gig memory as well as USB stick support. The 1gig model is my fav and the one i’m using. Simply connect to your PC via USB (cable supplied) drag & drop your files, disconnect and hook up in your vehicle.

Another added bonus is the audio-jack input, this allows you to plug in an mp3 player, iPod or similar music device and it’ll playback through the same FM frequency.

– this one only supports USB memory sticks

– this is the 1gig built-in memory unit.

Boozina Programmable Hooter

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boozinaLast year imported a few “Sunami Kits” – What we thought as a small novelty turned out to be quite the sleeper hit! – The 10 units flew off their shelves in a matter of days. Granted the Speed & Sound featured only added more to this crazy gadget.

Alas suppliers decided to give them the runabout when it came to product support and stock levels and had to discontinue this. Luckily a new unit arrived recently, the Boozina Kit – One can only wonder what kind of a chemically induced state the creator of this must have been under to choose the name, but this is way better then the Sunami.

At the heart of this kit is the programmable module and serial cable, this basically allows you to load your own range of sounds (up to 4) onto the unit. It comes with 4 default sounds (sirens, horns & Elvis Presley impersonations!?!?) – All software, cables, harness, etc are all included. All in all, not a bad kit for under R800.

Now if i can just get an UmshiniWa chant loaded for my next drive to Bloem.

Heads up Display @ Autostyle Motorsport

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had similar units in the past, albeit at a sky high price. Luckily our eccentric supplier from the far east, Autogauge has released their own version of the Heads Up Display Kit.

For the uninformed, a Heads Up Display kit gives you your speed readings by lighting it up onto your windscreen. Fighter pilot/TopGun style. The kits are very intuitive and easy to install.
Included is the regular fittings, wiring harnesses & sticker film for your windscreen.

These are available at a R895/set, click here to

Unfortunately at the time of this post, I have no photographs of the actual unit in use
Arrange with Autostyle to photograph your car in action with this or email Naeem @ Autostyle with a good clear picture of these, and he’ll rebate you R100 back on your purchase

Window Gloves @ Autostyle Motorsport

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window glove Finally available at

They now stock Window Gloves. These stocking-like black covers simply slip over your rear door frames. Allowing you to leave your windows open without any worry for the outside elements or smash’n grab incidents. Perfect to give some fresh air for your little ones while avoiding sunshine.

Available for a variety of cars, these cost R295 for a pair.
Click here to view & purchase these online

Rust No More with Duplicolor

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Autostyle Motorsport just got the new Duplicolor Rust Fix.
Duplicolor Rust Fix rust treatment destroys rust on contact. It sprays on clear and turns to a black metal-protecting coating to fight future rust from forming. Specially formulated to be used with body filler and fiberglass. Sandable for a smooth, even finish.

Stops rust on contact
Sprays on clear
Works on body filler and fiberglass
Sandable for smooth even finish
Ideal for rocker panels, paint blisters and all metal surfaces.

Click here to

Volvo confirms the C30 Wagon

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Volvo confirms the C30 Wagon

The first time I saw the Volvo’s C30 I knew it’s a car designed for young people like me that don’t have kids or a wife. However, the Swedish car manufacturer has a nice addition. They confirmed with our friends from World Car Fans that a C30 sportback / wagon that is very similar with a five-door hatchback. The name was not discussed but we can only take a guess here. How about V30 or C50?We’ll call it Volvo C30 Wagon because the name was not yet discussed so we can’t do anything more than assume it could be V30 or C50 when they do. It’s coming out on the Mazda 3 platform, and though many consider it an Audi A3 Sportback competitor I think the A3 has a design advantage with better shapes. Here is a rendered image of the C30 wagon. Waiting for your comments below.


Autostyle Newsletter Issue 106

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Issue 106 is a bumper newsletter with an added row of new products.Last week a new car audio brand quietly snuck it’s way into our stores, Fire Audio. This week we feature their range of Roofmount screens. Calibra have also launched their , this powerhouse system consists of a 2000watt amplifier, wiring kit & 2000watt subwoofer housed in a perspex faced bandpass box. Expect some serious bass with a bandpass box!

Several new Alloy Wheels have arrived including the illusive hyper polished , aptly nicknamed the “Pot Wheel” by our crew, no guesses as to where they got that idea from.

Congratulations are in place for Warren Govender, the winner of our Sony CDX-GT270 Mp3 Front Loader competition, many thanks to all who participated (all 1653 entrants!) I assure it was no easy task choosing a winner.

For more new products, check out this .

Ps. Keep an eye out for our exclusive Car Audio Promotion newsletter which will drop in email boxes on Wednesday Evening.

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