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Recipe for drifting a SUV

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taxi 2.jpg

Besides the driver skill there are quite a few other ingredients needed before drifting can be achieved with a SUV. Building on the success of 2006 whereby built a 634 bhp E90 3 series BMW taxi, they have come up with the perfect recipe once again for another bizarre project. Well the first ingredient is definitely a very large 7 seater SUV in which case the Volvo XC90 fully qualifies this criterion. Remove all the 4×4 functionality to leave it rear wheel drive. Slap in a huge American V8 motor caple of pushing out 787 bhp with 1010 NM of torque. Then lower the suspension and add 22 inch wheels. And voilà, the perfect SUV drift machine and probably the fastest taxi in the world as well.

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Audi powered supercar redefines performance

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Gumpert Apollo

The Gumpert Apollo (pronounced gum-pair-h) is the first supercar produced by Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH in Germany. The project is the creation of Roland Gumpert, a former Audi employee who oversaw many a rallying success working as competitions chief in their Quattro division. Gumpert’s partner is Roland Mayer, the boss of German tuning house MTM. (more…)

Porsche prepares four-door slingshot

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Porsche Panamera

As part of its drive to expand its product range, Porsche is currently known to be working on development of a new saloon/hatch vehicle. The new car, called the Panamera, is allegedly to use the 8 cylinder 4,5L mills that currently do service in the Cayenne range. Also mulled for inclusion is an Audi-sourced V10 – initially, the V10 from the Carrera GT was tipped as the range-topper, but production limitations are said to have precluded it from inclusion. (more…)

The Truth about Power

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You have just taken ownership of your new 225kW BMW 335i. At the traffic lights a normal Mazda 6 MPS pulls up next to you. The petrol head that you are, you know every cars’ power output like you know your two times table. From the last car magazine you read you know this car pushes out 191Kw. You have a whole 34kW more so you figure out that you could smoke him and decide to take him on. Something just never went to plan as you struggled to shrug him off. You trying to understand why he kept up with you and the first thing that pops to mind is that this car must be modified although it was stock standard. (more…)

Smart costing Daimler Chrysler billions

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The German newspaper Handelsblatt is reporting that Daimler Chrysler spent R40 Billion on the smart brand in the four years. Even tough, Daimler doesn’t report profits or losses for Smart brand, they say that the german newspaper came up with the figure after obtaining the information from liquidated Smart in Germany.

This of course is nothing new to us, as Mercedes has reported over and over again that they are losing money with the smart brand. That is basically one of the main reasons they’ve decided to enter the US market. Let’s hope the coming years will bring the smart to a profitable point. Smart hasn’t really taken off on our shores with poor sales figures for the last two years dispite South Africa being in a car buying boom.

New Golf 6

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Golf 6.jpg

A UK publication namely Auto Express claims that they have obtained an exclusive preview of the new VW Golf 6 which plans to launch sometime next year. From the picture it can be seen that the design is slightly different to previous other artist impressions that was circulating in the press before.

More Golf 6 news here and here

Golf 6 update here

Retreading tyres

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Retreading tyres is a good way to help shed our dependence up the Mideast for oil, as it saves oil—a lot of oil!

The US-based Tyre Retread & Repair Information Bureau is reporting that while it takes 22 gallons (83 liters) of oil to make one average size truck tire, we only need use about 7 gallons to have it retreaded. Thus a fleet replacing around 100 tires annually would save 1,500 gallons (~5,680 liters) a year.

Oh, the so-called ‘rubber alligators’ (scrapes of shredded tires) often seen on highways are more likely the result of poor tire inflation or overloading, rather than a blown retread. Even so, it’s still an issue in my mind, as you don’t see that with non-retreads no matter what the tire inflation.

Wesbank is closing down!

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If you have been wondering why there have been so few events at Wesbank Raceway, the answer has arrived. As of January 2008, Wesbank Raceway will be no more. The track was taken for a mouth watering R130 million by Pangbourne Properties who will be the land developers of the light industrial park that will replace the super motorsport complex.

It will be a big chunk out of the growth of motorsport in South Africa. Wesbank has hosted many of the countries biggest events including the likes of Ultimate Street Car, the Finals of the National Drag Racing Championship and the countries largest Illegal 2 Legal drag racing on wednesday nights.

For those of you who have not visited Wesbank or even just being apart of the 5000 odd crowd who attend the wednesday night racing, I advise you to do so before you loose the opportunity to.

Over the next few months I will fill a topic on the with pictures and memories we have had at Wesbank over the years.

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