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New Skoda Superb in 2008 at Geneva

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The big whale in Skoda’s yard, Superb, is getting an upgrade next year and rumors say we may see the new looks at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. The picture below is not a live model but a rendering image and all I can say is that I like it this time. It’s not that Passat-alike and it has some BMW flavor on that redesigned front.

Skoda Superb 2008 - rendering

The first time I’ve heard of the new Superb model was back in November when Skoda announced they finished hot-weather testings in the US and release a few photos and some technical data like the 1.8-liter TSI engine that sports 160bhp.
The Geneva Motor Show will start on March 6th, so if you want a picture of a live model, you’d better stay close.


DBS, Aston Martin DBS – Bond's Next Car

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If you were wondering what would be the next Bond car, the answer is simple, Aston Martin DBS. Aston Martin just signed the contract that would continue their deal with MGM Columbia Pictures to provide James Bond with luxury cars to crash.

So far, Bond’s most famous cars include Aston Martin DB5, DB7, V8 Vintage, V12 Vanquish, Lotus Esprit, BMW Z3, BMW 750iL and BMW Z8.

James Bond - Aston Martin DBS

Dr Ulrich Bez, CEO for the British manufacturer said that:

“Aston Martin is proud of our long association with James Bond. The DBS has its own unique character which equals that of James Bond. It is explosive power in a black tie. It is the perfect car for James Bond as it delivers the complete driving experience and bridges the gap between our road and track cars – the DB9 and DBR9. It is equally at home on a twisting mountain circuit as on the open road and we are all very excited at the prospect of seeing it on the big screen again.”

Aston Martin DBS will be the next star in Bond 22 which is scheduled to be released in November 2008.


Renault Megane III – first shots

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These are supposed to be the first photos of the new Renault Megane III. They are artist renderings and from what I see Megan III it’s based on the concept we’ve seen before, Renault Altica and changes the hatchback rear to something that involves curves this time.

Megan III artist rendering

My sources told me that Megan III will please a lot of people out there, because it will come as a sedan, hatchback, coupe, convertible, station wagon and even a crossover version. All these will be in three and five doors. Obviously, the main competition are Peugeot 308, VW Gold VI (not yet released) and the Fiat Bravo.

I don’t have a release date but Paris Motor Show in 2008 sounds like a good one.

BMW Testing Camouflage System – IT WORKS

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No this is not an octopus, this is a camouflaged E65 BMW 7 series that’s dressed up like this because the German maker is testing new camouflage system in Munich, for their future prototypes. BMW admitted it to BILD, the biggest tabloid in the country.

BMW Camouflage System

My first impression was that this is the new 2009 BMW 7-series but at a closer look there aren’t many things different from the older version and I don’t think BMW would ever come up with the same product but under a different “color”. But think how many people made the mistake and how BMW laughs at them right now. The system works.
To be honest I wouldn’t mind driving a camouflaged version be it a 3-5 or 7-series. Would they build one if anyone asks ?

New Seat Ibiza – Spy-Shots While Geneva Awaits

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For me Seat is not just a famous Spanish car manufacturer but one with sporty looks and performances. Knowing the success their Ibiza model had so far and the fact that they sold 120,000 units in 2007 they want to keep it “running” so a redesign is very much needed. Apparently the new Seat Ibiza will be seen at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.
Meanwhile I’ve found some spy shots for you to see while I tell you it will be produced in the same three-doors and five-doors versions. The new Ibiza is supposed to hit the streets by the end of 2008 or early 2009 and they say it looks “almost like a coupe”.

New Seat Ibiza 2009 spyshot

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Oldest Running Rolls Royce Sold on Auction for $7.2M

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Oldest Running Rolls Royce Sold on Auction for $7.2M

If you like old cars and are always looking for new deals then I have one that you probably missed. It’s about the oldest – still working – Rolls Royce that sold at auction in London at Bonhams’ Collectible Cars and Automobilia for a record amount of money 3,521,500 pounds or $7,275,000.

The two-seats open top old Rolls Royce that sports 10hp, is 103 years old (produced in 1904) and was maintained by Oliver Langton the same person that found it with his brother in a farm building at Seacroft near Leeds in 1950. I think he is the person that the new owner should thank for the glowing red leather and brass interior. The car was only shared by three people since 1905, so this and the fact that it still works was a good reason to sell that high.

I am not sure if I would pay $727,500 for each of those ten horses because I am sure I wouldn’t be able to go out in it while it rains, but man this would be really good to get some chicks if the weather is fine.


Audi TT-S Roadster : Spy Shots

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When Audi released the new TT they were pretty happy with their two coupe and covertible models. However, the market demanded for something better, and they had to schedule Audi TT-S and TT-RS to be released soon.

Audi TT-S Roadster : Spy Shots

I managed to get my eyes on some Audi TT-S Roadster spy shots to see that it now looks much more aggressive thanks to a beautiful front grille, LEDs under the headlamps or the four exhaust pipes in the rear. It’s supposed to have 270hp from a 3.2 quatro engine (350Nm torque) with S-Tronic, a stiffer suspension and should sell for $42,900. The RS however, will be powered by a 5-cylinder engine that sports 308hp and should cost $45,900.


Mercedes G 500 -The Popemobile

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Mercedes G 500 -The Popemobile

It looks like not only you and me like our cars to be new. Pope Benedict XVI seems to be a cars fan, too, after he requested his Popemobile to be renewed. He is now going to use a white cabriolet Mercedes G500 with 300hp as if the Pope will drive 180 km/h on the high way with it, not just on Wednesdays in the St Peter’s Square at the Vatican.
Mercedes G 500, the Popemobile, took over two years to be developed and comes with a folding windscreen and hand rails, a white interior and red in the rear.

Other cars that sit in the Pope’s parking lot are a Mercedes M and S-Class so when it comes to technology I don’t think we need to feel sorry for the Vatican.