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Mercedes-Benz 500hp C-class AMG

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Foreign news sources are reporting that the Mercedes engineers are working on a 500hp C-class, which will set to compete against the upcoming M3 and the Audi RS4. They are also saying that the AMG version will get the typical AMG styling in the front, rear and side; as well as 19in alloy wheels. The engine will be a V8 that will be able to let out its rour with 4 exhaust pipes. This description sounds amazing, if it will look anything like the picture above, then Mercedes has certainly created a contender if not a winner.

Ex-Totoya engineers stole from Ferrari

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In South Africa, acts like murder, treason, or plotting to overthrow the government rank among the most heinous crimes a person can commit. In Italy, stealing secrets from Ferrari ranks right up near the top of the list, too.

Following a long, drawn out process, two former Scuderia Ferrari engineers, who stood accused of stealing secrets from Maranello and giving them to rivals at Toyota F1, have been convicted. Pending appeal, Angelo Santini was sentenced to nine months and Mauro Iacconi to 16 behind bars on charges of industrial espionage. They left the Italian based supercar manufacuter and joined Toyota F1.

Baby Aston sheds its top

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Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster

Lovers of British sports car maker Aston Martin recently had the ownership dream made more achievable by the introduction of the “entry level” V8 Vantage. Now, that dream will be available in rag-top trim for all to appreciate owners’ expensive hairdos. (more…)

Buy British, Buy Bristol

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Bristol Blenheim

The English are known for concocting some of the most exclusive and beautiful automobiles of all time. When one mentions automotive class, names like Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce (now BMW-owned) and Lotus come to mind. Although the last few years saw several British car manufacturers get sold to larger establishments, one truly British icon of bespoke motoring survives, upholding time-honoured hand-crafting techniques using specially selected wood veneers and hides – and all this melded into an age-old yet somewhat intriguing and classy design. Enter Bristol. (more…)

Audi RS8 supercar up in flames

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News broke recently about the million euro Audi RS8 prototype that went up in flames on the Nürburgring test track. (powered by a V10 Lambo engine) I’ve heard about really hitting the track hard on the last day of testing but causing the car to ?

Some net-savvy spy guy snapped some pix of the wreck which revealed nothing, nothing much left of the uber super car. We crawled the web and got this clip of the action.

Auto advertising watch

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VW Polo GTI advertisement

Kyalami Racing

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The 24th of March saw some top racing at Kyalami from various classes of car ranging from Shelby Can Ams right up to the Altech Porsche Challenge Unlimited. The weather played a big part in the day’s proceedings as the constant threat of rain made tyre choices very difficult. This was not really a problem for the slower classes but for the faster cars, driving skills were tested to the limit.


Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG

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amg cl65

Mercedes Benz will unveil its sledgehammer CL65 AMG coupe at this year’s AutoRAI show in Amsterdam this week. Powered by a 6.0L V12 developing 612hp and an earth-moving 1,000Nm of torque, the new CL model is guaranteed to be a real crowd puller and may even manage to lure away some of BMW’s ‘M’ faithful.

The 0-100km/h should take less than 4.5 seconds, while top speed is an estimated 300km/h although it’s unconfirmed whether the 250km/h speed limiter will be installed. Besides the addition of the mammoth engine, AMG engineers have also modified the car’s aerodynamic package and suspension including adjustments to the Active Body Control System.

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