Rowan Atkinson Crashes Pride Of Car Collection: McLaren F1 (Picture)

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Rowan Atkinson, comedian and car collector extraordinaire was released from hospital today with no serious injuries after losing control of his maroon McLaren F1 and crashing into a telephone pole, setting the car alight in the process.

Atkinson apparently walked away from the wreck and sat on the side of the road with another motorist, waiting for emergency services. He has hurt his shoulder but no long term injuries are expected.


Video Round-Up: Insane Accidents From World Motorsport This Week

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There have been some stunning incidents this week, ranging from the hilarious video of a Formula 1 marshall rolling under Luizzi’s car in Malaysia, to this horrifying footage of a race car completely clearing the concrete barrier at Brands Hatch, UK. We’ve got a second video of that horror smash, in which both drivers walked away, as well as a few you might have missed, including Jason Plato’s high speed bender in the British Touring Car Championships.

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Cristiano Ranoldo's Wrecked Ferrari 599 GTB

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Now girls, don’t you get worried or anything, because the young Cristano Ronaldo had no serious injuries. His car though… it’s a wreck now.The reigning European Footballer of the Year, Ronaldo was driving alone in his supercar – a Ferrari 599 GTB that has a 6.0-litre V12 engine under the hood which outputs 612hp and tops at 330 km/h, when the incident happened. We can’t say if he’s too young for such a vehicle or there are other problems involved, but that certainly looks like a red card to me. As for the car, don’t worry, he’ll score a few goals for Manchaster United and buy another one in a week. [via ]