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The Toyota FJ Cruiser

Published by on Aug 17th, 2011, No Comments

For far too long the American market has enjoyed Toyota’s retro 4×4, which to be perfectly honest is the only Jeep-like vehicle that has caught my attention in a long time. Sensing that perhaps South Africans might be interested in a solid offroad vehicle with great street-cred, they’ve just launched it here. Yesterday in fact. We’ve got all the details and pictures here:


Hyundai Concept Shines at Detroit Car Show

Published by on Jan 17th, 2011, No Comments

Hyundai has long sweated over their exceptional auto designs, with their new concept car truly embracing their penchant for fluidic sculpture. By combining the latest technology with an urbanized vehicle, Hyundai have shoehorned their brightest ideas into the Curb. By casting aside notions of box-like urban runners, the Curb maintains its own style while showing no apparent shortcomings. The lead designer was quoted as saying that Hyundai wanted an ‘urban tough’ luxury truck.

A 1.6-liter gamma inline-four marks the basis of the Curbs powertrain and an additional turbocharger boosts output to 175HP. The dual-clutch gear system ensures that 50km per liter is achieved in the city, with 60km per liter possible on the highway. 22” Michelin wheels keeps this beast stuck firmly to the road; these wheels are further customised with orange-coloured tread patterns.

As for the advanced technology, we can one day look forward to the Curb treating us to exhaust vents that slide open to display a bike rack, an LCD display that completely replaces rear view mirrors, as well as three-holded A-pillars which improve cornering performance.  This Hyundai Concept is unlikely to be in any until 2015, according to the manufactures. For now, we will simply have to enjoy the glamour shots of the Curb on the showroom floor.

Offroad Super Stunt, Ouch!

Published by on Jan 22nd, 2010, 2 Comments

Find yourself a large offroader, some snow and one of the worse roads in the world and you’re good to go. Here’s what your stunt could look like. OUCH!

Top Gear's Toughest Assignment, Bolivia Special Challenge 2009

Published by on Jan 19th, 2010, No Comments

The chaps from Top Gear are world renowned for having (and making) fun of every situation, this time they got dropped in Bolivia and had to drive through the Amazonian jungle, one of the world’s most dangerous road and through the Andes on their way to the Pacific Ocean. All these in a bunch of old 4x4s. Lovely experience!

Shelby F10 Super Snake Concept

Published by on Nov 12th, 2009, 1 Comment

A pickup version of the GT500 Super Snake series was created by Shelby Automobiles. It was launched at the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas – which took place earlier this week.


The Snake Series pickup is made on the lines of the (2003-2008) Ford F-150 and has Alcoa Shelby wheels as well as black stripes colored on the red model. The hood is custom made and the model comes with a 5.4 liter engine which gives us 475 hp. In addition to this, it will also feature 6 piston brakes. When it comes to the suspension of this beauty, it has been stiffened and decreased by 3 inches (7.6 cm) to make the ride a lot for enjoyable.

A number of aerodynamic and optics mechanisms are added in the kit and include custom front fascia, carbon fiber splitter, mesh grill and grill surround, bender vents, brake cooling ducts and Super Snake badges for looks. As for the interiors, it comes with a leather finish with Shelby logos quite prominently placed on the floor mats and headrests.

Here comes BM’s Big Daddy X

Published by on Jul 24th, 2007, 2 Comments


Reports suggest BMW will soon offer a three strong line-up of 4x4s – the X3, X5, and a vehicle that will bring yet another new acronym to the market – Sports Activity “Coupé” – in the form of the beefy X6

Spy photographers have managed to capture images of engineers testing the heavily-disguised prototype vehicle. Simultaneously, several artist impressions have appeared on the web, including these ones – which were published by Motor Forecast.

If the spy shots and mockups are anything to go by, the X6 will feature looks that are not too different from that of Mercedes-Benz’s low-slung “four-door coupé”, the CLS. (more…)

Recipe for drifting a SUV

Published by on Jul 3rd, 2007, No Comments

taxi 2.jpg

Besides the driver skill there are quite a few other ingredients needed before drifting can be achieved with a SUV. Building on the success of 2006 whereby built a 634 bhp E90 3 series BMW taxi, they have come up with the perfect recipe once again for another bizarre project. Well the first ingredient is definitely a very large 7 seater SUV in which case the Volvo XC90 fully qualifies this criterion. Remove all the 4×4 functionality to leave it rear wheel drive. Slap in a huge American V8 motor caple of pushing out 787 bhp with 1010 NM of torque. Then lower the suspension and add 22 inch wheels. And voilà, the perfect SUV drift machine and probably the fastest taxi in the world as well.

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Jeep Trailhawk review

Published by on Jun 26th, 2007, No Comments


First seen at this year’s Detroit Motor Show, the Trailhawk is not only an amazing looking machine, but gives a clear indication of how Jeep wants its cars to drive in the future.

Based on a stretched Wrangler platform and powered by an efficient 3.0-litre diesel, the all-wheel-drive four-seater looks typically tough. However, it promises to deliver a driving experience that will be more refined than any of its predecessors.

In fact, bosses at Jeep were keen to use the words ‘highway cruiser’ when talking about the Trailhawk’s road manners. It’s clear this is intended as a vehicle that’s comfortable to ride in, but is also packed with off-road ability.

With all of that in mind, the Trailhawk obviously has a lot to live up to – but it’s important to remember the huge newcomer is more than a mere flight of fantasy. Although it’s described as a concept, the Trailhawk is an important milestone in the development of Jeep’s new generation of SUVs. (more…)


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