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Once again, South Africa’s leading performance magazine brings you the hottest content our neck of the continent has to offer. Jam packed with hot rides, informative technicals and all the best event coverage. This is a keeper.

If the cover car doesn’t grab your attention, you should seriously seek some medical attention – it’s obvious that you are in fact dead. Check out the colossal 10 page feature on this awesome Nissan 350Z from premium show car builder, Duppie Du Plessis. No part of this supercharged, nitrous fed monster has been left untouched. Carbon fiber body panels and intense airbrushing are only the beginning of this car.

The Manta Ray is a Corolla with a difference. With Lambo doors and a custom body kit, this Toyota is a true enthusiast’s ride.

We show you where the Hannes Minnaar legacy is headed as we bring you the full story on his son, Michael’s, monster Toyota. Running a 3SGTE motor, this cab has already run low 11’s and it’s only seen a few events.

Elton Scullard from the Cape shows us his mighty N/A VW Golf and it’s plain to see why he’s one of our sponsored representatives in the Western Province.

The Sound section brings you a monster Hummer with an insane install and a Prado that has more screens than Hi-Fi Corp.

In the technicals we show you how to install a flame thrower and dismiss the rumours regarding octane additives.

We bring you event coverage from Sport Compact round 5, the first North vs South event this year and all the action from the Ultimate Street Car Challenge. Check out Chris and I battle it out on the track in the Celebrity Blacklist where we were pitted against some other local lifestyle magazines.


We found it! The much acclaimed and spoken about Jamex Polo had made its way between our pages. Slightly re-worked, and heavily restored, it looks better than ever.

Blue Motion is subtle but sweet. This Polo Classic has received all the necessary touches without losing sight of the goal posts. It also packs an award winning sound install that has to be seen.

An über neat Mk2 2.0 turbo also graces our pages and is on worth noting. This car makes serious power!

We take you through the fitment of a performance exhaust to the Golf 5 GTi and launch our first installment of Project: Euro. Keep an eye on our pages in the next few issues as we show you how to transform your Mk1 into a Euro special with simple over-the counter mods.

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I need to get my hands on that DUB mag any idea which CNA in jozi sells it?

November 13, 2007 11:37 am Reply

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