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Short film ad for the Porsche Panamera combines fire and ice

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If there is one way to ensure you get the most out of your marketing budget, it is to have a competition involved somewhere, somehow. And that is exactly what Porsche did for their new Panamera.

In an effort to produce a sleek, beautiful and highly creative advertisement, Porsche invited ten filmmakers to produce a short film for the Panamera that would serve as its commercial.

The tagline read: “Thrilling Contradictions”, which meant these ten filmmakers had to come up with a film that revolves around breathtaking contradictions.

And what better and most primary contradiction is there than fire and ice? Well, Porsche thought it was a great idea, too because they picked Ross Cohen as the winner, with is film entitled: “Fire and Ice”.

According to Cohen and Porsche , the film shows us that “…[sic] the seemingly paradoxical can collide in beautiful and exhilarating fashion”

Cohen was very clever in his approach. Something rather simple in the fact that we have seen so many of it before, but with a certain twist that surely makes it Porsche worthy. The theme? An ice sculpture being made with a (very hot) blow torch. And yes, it is a sculpture of the Panamera that is vein made in the film.

A triumph for Porsche as well as for Cohen (he will be showcasing his film at the Chicago International Film Festival)

Check it out below, it really is beautiful:



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