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Mercedes-Benz G-Code Subcompact Crossover Concept

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This may very well be the most futuristic car that has come out of Mercedes-Benz’ garage – and we’re not saying that’s a bad thing. In fact, this car looks like one that would fit comfortably into a modern, greener world.

In celebration of their new research and development centre in Beijing, Mercdes-Benz unveiled this truly unique concept car.

The design of the G-code Concept was influenced by the trends and tastes of Mercedes’ Chnese – so it is an Asian inspired car through an through. It is smaller than the similar GLA-Class, but still spacious enough to use as a family car.

The car is not yet headed for production, and is for now, only a concept – a wonderful concept that is. However, should Mercedes-Benz decide that they want to manufacture this car, it will most likely be marketed as a competitor for Audi’s upcoming Q1 and the existing Mini Cooper Countryman.

So, let’s get down to business: the insides of the G-Code. 

The G-Code has a rather interesting power train and battery situation. The power train is an internal combustion engine that runs on hydrogen, which is present at the front axle. Then, situated at the rear, is an electric motor. This motor is powered by an on-board battery that can quickly and easily be charged at home through a socket in the wall.

The suspension also generates electricity, surprisingly enough. From the motion of the springs and dampers, the suspension is able to generate electricity – which is pretty impressive.

But perhaps not as impressive as the paint coat of the car.

The car is painted with a special sort of paint called ‘multi-volactic’ paint. The paint essentially doubles up as a solar panel, which then allows the car to generate electricity directly from sunlight. Now that’s impressive!

On the inside, the car features a 2+2 seating arrangement, with a central screen on the dash for all commands.

Perhaps on of the more absurd things about the G-Code, is the fact that it also features two electric scooters mounted on the back of the car. These scooters are also charged by the car itself.

The G-Code Subcompact Crossover Concept will make it’s official debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show later in the month. Fir now, however, you can check out these images released by Mercedes.









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