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McLaren 650S stolen in Durban cargo heist, found

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McLaren 650S

So, if you were a thief and looking to score some serious loot during a cargo heist, wouldn’t you be jumping for joy when the container you hijacked turned out to house a brand new, McLaren 650 S inside? Most definitely!

This is exactly what happened to a bunch of robber sin Durban last week, when the container they hijacked at the Durban Harbour, was one containing a brand new McLaren 650S.

According to reports, the car had arrived in Durban at the harbour last Monday. It was sent through customs and, after it was cleared, it was placed in an unmarked container, ready to be transported to its final destination.

However, the McLaren 650S would never reach it’s final destination…

The car was set to travel to Johannesburg from Durban, where it would be taken to Sandton. The car was supposed to be shown off in the new McLaren Showroom in Sandton City.

But, alas, the truck taking the car to the showroom was hijacked and the driver thrown out of the truck – thankfully, he was unharmed – and the robbers made off with the container and the McLaren inside.

Justin Divaris, CEO of the Dayton Group, confided that the car had been stolen, but said he was thankful it was only a demonstrator model and not an actual car for a buyer:

“The car was bound for its showroom in Sandton. The vehicle had come in through the port and was in a container. It is one of our demonstrator models that we used for test drives and for the press, and was not specifically on order for a customer, thank goodness.”

Divaris also said that he believed the hijacking was sort of a (lucky) mistake. He said that he believes the hijackers meant to steal another container that perhaps had electronics or such inside, rather than the McLaren 650S. Naturally, there is a much higher market for electronics than high end sports cars in South Africa.

Whatever the case, the robbers were either disappointed or elated when they discovered what is actually in the container. If it was me, however, I would most certainly be jumping for joy!

However, in a lucky turn of events, the car was thankfully recovered the same day that it was hijacked. According to various news sources, the car is now safe and sound (and without any damage) back in the hands of the McLaren dealership in Sandton.