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Man makes parody video-ad for old Nissan – and Nissan buys it

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Well this is one way to sell your old, used car. And while still entertaining everyone, even the car manufacturer that made the car!

A filmmaker from Florida, Luke Aker produce this pure gold advertisement under his production company, Ikonik Productions. The ad is parody on new age car advertisements that accentuate every little feature of the car, in the most dramatic and epic way possible.

The video accompanies a Craigslist ad that Aker posted to sell is 1996 Nissan Maxima. Not only is the car almost 18 years old, it is also battered and bruised and lets just say, definitely not in mint condition.

While the ad is truly a piece of fine entertainment, it is what happened after the ad went viral that makes this story so amazing. Somehow, through the powers of the internet, Nissan actually got hold of the ad. They were so impressed with it’s witty style of advertising, that they made Aker an offer to buy the car.

Not only did they purchase the old car, but they also donated $1000 to the Wounded War Project.

Needless to say, the cleverness of this video reaped the benefits in the end. Check out the ad below:

Source: YouTube


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