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Lewis Hamilton wins World Championship

Published by on Nov 24th, 2014, No Comments

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton is definitely one very happy man this Monday, as he managed to clinched the title in the final World drivers Championship at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix yesterday.

Even though Hamilton was considered by some ass the favourite for the title from the start, he had seemingly tough competition from his Mercedes teammate, Nico Rosberg.

Unfortunately for Rosberg (and fortunately for Hamilton) he experienced some car issues that meant that Hamilton had the lead from the beginning, right until the end when he crossed the finish line as the new World Champion. 

It wasn’t smooth sailing all the way for Hamilton, though.

He came second in the qualifying round – however, this didn’t seem to deter him much as he was in control and more importantly, in the lead, for the actual race. The prospect of a strenuous title race between him and Rosberg also did not seem to affect the talented 29-year old that much.

In the end, the race was all Hamilton and his poor teammate Rosberg finished in 14th place.

This is Hamilton’s second title, with his first being awarded to him back in 2008. Hamilton said that while winning the title in 2008 was amazon gin itself, this time round it feels much, much better:

“This is the greatest day of my life…[sic] 2008 was a great year in my life. The feeling I have now is way, way past that. The greatest feeling ever.”

Hamilton now joins other famous drivers who have managed to clinch more than one World Championship title.

Fernando Alonso also holds two titles, while Sebastien Vettel has four. However, the all time record holder and 7 time champion still belongs to the legendary Michael Schumacher.

With Lewis Hamilton being British – and no doubt making his country extremely proud – Prince Harry also attended the event, and, just as Hamilton crossed the finish line as the ultimate champion, quickly grabbed radio and said:

“Lewis, well done for not making the British public sweat. You are an absolute legend”

And right Prince Harry is, he is indeed a legend.



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