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Jay Leno takes a ride in a restored Ford Woodie

Published by on Nov 17th, 2014, No Comments

1937 Ford Woodie

Classic, vintage cars always have a wonderful charm about them. Besides the fact that they remind us of days gone past (way past, in some instances) they are generally beautifully designed and a treat to drive in.

Recently, that treat was bestowed on Jay Leno of Jay Leno’s Garage (obviously). The ex-talk show host and avid vehicle enthusiast recently got the opportunity to take a ride in a beautifully restored, utterly charming, Ford Woodie.

Now if you don’t know what a Ford Woodie is, you will soon recognise it in this video.

A Woodie refers to a (generally vintage) style of car with its rear body work made up entirely of beautiful wood panels. The Ford Woodie was very popular during the depression era and is still a beautiful sight to see today. Especially if it is one that is as beautifully restored as this particular one.

Jay recently took a ride in a 1937 Ford Woodie that has been restored by Californian-based restorer, Scott Bonowski.

In the video, Scott tells us a little about the restoring process and of course shows off his stunning handy work.

Once again, we’re thoroughly jealous of old Jay that he gets the opportunity to drive around in these classic cars.

Check out the video below: