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Jaguar Land Rover’s Virtual Reality windscreen concept

Published by on Jul 15th, 2014, No Comments

Jaguar LR VR windscreen

Well this certainly looks like something from a sci-fi superhero movie!

Jaguar Land Rover recently unveiled their concept for a virtual reality windscreen to be fitted in your actual car. Given you drive a Jaguar or Land Rover, of course. The idea revolves around a type of augmented reality, implemented in the windscreen of your car. And while it might sound a little strange (and dangerous, let’s be honest) it does have some pretty cool features.

The windscreen is,as they call it, an interactive display that offers the drivers various features while on the road.

One of the best features of the windscreen, is its ability to provide you, as the driver, with virtual racing lines that change colour. The colours change in order to show you the best braking positions, mostly on hard, steep curves or bends on the road.

A second feature, which will definitely assist young, inexperienced drivers, is the placement of virtual cones on the actual road.

Here, the windscreen will place cones on the road in front of you, in real time, in order to exercise your driving technique and, ultimately, make you a better, more alert driver.

Another feature that will definitely get the most attention, is the so-called ‘Ghost Car’ visualization. This feature (which many will find strange and frankly, unsafe) allows users to race against virtual drivers, which will appear on their windscreen. Take note that this ‘race’ takes place on the real road…

Drivers can then compete against real lap times, which is uploaded to the system by other users, so you can compare times. This, of course, makes your real driving experience feel somewhat like a video game – and considering how some people ‘drive’ when playing video games, it’s not the safest thing to allow on the real road.

However, according to Jaguar Land Rover, this concept could possibly only become a reality in 10 years. As one spokesperson for the company said:

“The virtual windscreen is a concept at the moment, as the technology doesn’t exist today to utilize the entire windscreen as a HUD [heads-up display],”

However, this concept proves that we are heading more and more to world where an augmented reality will be part of everyday life – even on the road.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think of the concept? Cool or a little stupid?