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It’s Apple vs Google for a place in your car

Published by on Jul 23rd, 2014, No Comments

Apple vs Google

Most of us will know that tech giants Apple and Google have been going head-to-head with each other for years now. Whether it’s competing smartphones, tablets or almost any other piece of technology, the competition almost always boils down to Apple vs Google.

And now the two companies are competing for a place in your car.

We have already reported on the two companies’ plans for a ‘smart car’. A system that allows your smartphone to seamlessly integrate into your car, offering you the advantages of your smartphone, in your car, while you are on the go.

Apple first announced CarPlay, their answer to a smart integration system that connects to your car’s infotainment system. And, of course, a few months later, Google showed of it’s new pony in the form of Android Auto  – and Android based ‘smart car’ system.

While each of these systems has their own lure, in essence, they basically do the exact same thing.

Maps integration, music, voice texting you name it. anything that you would normally do on your phone, can now be integrated into your car to make the entire experience smoother – and of course, safer.

The question is, win it gets down to it, which system would you choose? Would you go for Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto? Naturally, a lot of the choice depends on the phone you have. If you have an iPhone then the choice would be obvious.

However, it’s always fun to do a little comparison, and Bloomberg TV has done just that. They have compared the two systems in a very informative little video which you can watch below.

Tell us what you think. Which system do you feel comes out on top?



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