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Hyundai Gears Up for a Five-Door Veloster Variant

Published by on Jun 27th, 2011, No Comments

Hyundai seems to be on road developing a Veloster with a traditional five-door body style.

Though it sounds peculiar, it has to be noted that Hyundai could be hedging their bets in case consumers balk at the current model’s four-door arrangement which has two normal doors, a tiny third door (on the passenger side) and a rear hatch.

Designed to compete with the Mini Cooper and Scion tC, the previous version of Veloster featured motorcycle-inspired styling that is highlighted by black A-pillars, muscular wheel arches, LED-infused headlights, a center-mounted dual exhaust, and 17-inch alloy wheels (18-inchers are optional).  Though Hyundai called the Veloster a three-door coupe, the car actually had four-doors as there’s two traditional front doors, a hatch, and a unique forward-hinged rear door (on the passenger side) which improves access to the back seat.

So far, there has been no word as to when the model will be launched.

Stay tuned.