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How the Lamborghini Asterion’s engine works [Video]

Published by on Oct 6th, 2014, No Comments

Lamborghini Asterion

Lamborghini’s latest creation, the electric hybrid Asterion, is sure grabbing attention lately.

After the car was unveiled for the first time at the Paris Auto Show last week, the media and car lovers alike have been going crazy for the half petrol half electric super car – the first of it’s kind for the Italian automaker.

Lamborghini’s first electric hybrid is basically the stuff dreams are made of. It’s beautiful, powerful and half electric – nowadays, thats pretty much everything you want form a car. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that the car can produce a combined 910 horsepower. Fancy.

However, the Asterion is just a concept (insert sad face here). Lamborghini has said that there are no plans to actually manufacture the car for the market – making the Asterion even more special as it is a once-off.

The Asterion might not go into full scale production (although we’re still hoping that’s a fib) but the technology and impressive hybrid system will surely make its way into more cars in the future.

To illustrate just exactly how the system works, Lamborghini released this video – that kind of reminds of a video game – in order too demonstrate clearly how the Asterion works.

In the video, it shows the ‘Zero’ button. This button enables you to essentially switch off the 5.2liter, 610 horsepower, V10 engine and only rely on the car’s electric motors to get you from A – B. However, that is if A is less than 50km away from B. The Asterion is able to travel 50 kilometers on electric power alone.

So, without further a due, check out the inner workings of the Asterion below:


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