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Futuristic Aston Martin to make it’s debut in Gran Turismo 6

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Concept cars are great. Mostly because it is, after all, only a concept and you can really let your imagination go. Not only are concept cars fun to design by designers themselves, but its also great for us car fanatics to see what people come up with and what we can possibly see in the near future.

This latest Aston Martin concept is like something out of a sci-fi film – and it’s awesome.

Called the DP-100, Aston Martin actually teamed up with video game development studio, Polyphony Digital, to come up weigh the idea. And why a video game developer? Well, because the car will actually make its debut in a video game.

Say hello to the latest addition to Gran Turismo 6’s line up!

Ever since video games such as Gran Turismo became really realistic and oh-so popular, car manufacturers have used it as a way to test out concept cars on people and to see what their reaction to the idea is. It is one of the newer ways to get a public reaction to a concept and one that is most definitely very effective.

If you just think of how many people play Gran Turismo, you realize the measure of exposure the concept will get. A win-win situation for both manufacturer and consumer.

The DP-100 is a seriously sick car. It looks like something a sci-fi superhero would drive and the engine is pretty sick to boot. The car was basically designed from scratch, and while it does carry the Aston Martin name, it doesn’t look much like current Aston Martin’s.



Perhaps the strangest thing about the DP-100 is that it is mid-engined. Strange, we know, but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that the engine itself is pretty awesome, no matter where it sits.

The DP-100 features a ten-turbo, V12 engine that will no doubt be great for racing in GT6.

The DP-100 will be available in the latest update of Grand Turismo 6. And you never know, perhaps they like it so much that they actually decide to make it. Now wouldn’t that be nice…

Check out the video from XCAR that showcases the DP-100:



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