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Ferrari launches F60 America at star studded Beverley Hills event

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Ferrari F60 America

Let’s face it; Ferrari has a presence in the automotive industry that not many other companies have. Sure, there are the Lamborghini’s and the Masserati’s, but there can only be one Ferrari.

To mark the company’s long history in the US, they (of course) held a big, star studded event to celebrate and show of the car they designed specifically to commemorate the occasion.

On Saturday night, the who’s who of Hollywood, the automotive industry and top Ferrari execs got together at the Beverley Hills Town Hall in California to celebrate 60 years of Ferrari sales in the US.

The event was also the stage for the new Ferarri F60 America to be shown off. The car was specially designed for the anniversary and is a really beautiful car. It took centre stage at the vent where its stood at the entrance, basking in the glory of the (several) spotlights focused on the car.

Celebrities, which included the likes of Mary J. Blige and  Megan Fox, applauded the car and did what they do best; mingle/ But it was the top tier at Ferrari that was in attendance that drew a lot of attention.

Attending the event was almost every important person at Ferrari. Newly elected Ferrari Chairman, Sergio Machionne was (obviously) there along with Ferrari CEO, Amedeo Felisa and vice chairman of Ferrari, Piero Ferrari – the famous Enzo Ferrari’s son.

But besides the glitz and glam of the event, it was the actual car that drew the most attention.

The ca ron display at the event was the first model to be showcased anywhere in the world – and considering the company will only produce 10, it is a pretty rare sight to behold.

Ferrari F60 America

Ferrari 458 Speciale A

In another homage to the United States, The F60 America is painted in the famed blue and white colours of the North American Racing team. Its shaw and design is based on the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and is, overall, a very handsome car.

But the F60 America wasn’t the only Ferrari on display at the event.

The much talked about, newly unveiled, Ferrari 458 Speciale A was also shown off at the event. It was part of an auction for the Daybreak charity – an organisation focused on research for cures for rare genetic diseases.

and the Daybreak charity was definitely smiling as the Ferrari 458 Speciale A fetched $900 000. Wow.

Check out the video on the event below:



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