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Ferrari 458 Speciale: Around the Track [Video]

Published by on Jul 11th, 2014, No Comments

Ferrari 458 Speciale

One of the UK’s leading car reviewers, and all round petrol heads, AutoCar, recently had the opportunity to take the all new Ferrari 458 Speciale around the track at Castle Coombe.

The 458 is, as the name suggests, a very special car. And of course, it’s very beautiful too. However, for the guys at AutoCar, taking the Ferrari 458 Speciale around the Castle Coombe circuit, was somewhat of a deja vu experience.

As they mention in the video, the last time the group was at Castle Coombe, the took the Ferrari 430 Scuderia around the track. The Scuderia, as they say, quickly became one of their favourite sports cars ever. 

Now, considering the fact that the 458 Speciale is a successor to the 430 Scuderia, the new Ferrari had some big shoes to fill in the minds of the AutoCar guys.

This really is a stunning car that we will give our left arm for, so check out the video below – its stunning: