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F1 drivers can now (legally) celebrate after races

Published by on Feb 20th, 2014, No Comments


Imagine the thrill of winning a Formula One race. It’s probably one of the most thrilling, emotional and satisfying feeling in the world. So naturally, you would want to jump out of your skin of excitement and celebrate – obviously by making a ‘victory doughnut’.

However, that wouldn’t be allowed. Until today, that is. 

As of today, F1 drivers who win their races, are allowed to show the world their excitement (and lets be honest, show off a little) by making victory doughnuts after their race on the track. This comes after the FIA amended regulations that prohibited any sort of celebration like this.

Why specifically doughnuts, you wonder? Well, because F1 superstar, Sebastien Vettel did exactly that after he won the Indian Grand Prix – his fourth consecutive one. The crowd loved it, he (obviously) loved it and everyone was happy and cheerful and joyous.

Except the FIA. They didn’t think it was very funny or very cool for that matter. So, they subsequently slapped mr. Vettel with fine of 25 000 euros. Nothing much, hey.

Nevertheless, it seems as though someone within the FIA did secretly like Vettel’s display of achievement and celebration, as this season, every winner will be allowed to celebrate by ‘gooi’ing’ a doughnut at the finish line.

And that’s what we like to see – some spirit, celebrations and really cool doughnuts done in Formula 1 cars.


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