Renault Clio vs Ford Fiesta

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Ford vs Renault

Chris Harris is back, and this time he is taking a Renault Clio RS 200 EDC against a Ford Fiesta ST.

Both of these cars are rather small in size, but I’m betting they’ve got big personality! You know what they say, dynamite comes in small packages…

You can check out the video below – and, as always, Mr. Harris is entertaining and charming and knows what he’s talking about!

Which one would you prefer? The Renault or the Ford? It’s a tough one for me…


Chris Harris on the Porsche 918

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Chris Harrris gives his opinion on Porsche’s all new hybrid hyper car, the much anticipated Porsche 918.

Chris is, as always, entertaining and informative! Check out the video below for a look at Porsche’s latest creation from a passenger’s point of view:


Infographic of South African Automotive Scene – June 2013

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has released yet another interesting and useful infographic to shed some light on the automotive scene in South Africa.

Last month, we published their infographic on May 2013, and now we bring you June’s numbers. It is quite interesting to compare the two; has he automotive scene picked up or has it dropped over the last month?

In May of this year, the total amount of new car sales in the country reached 53 997. This month, the figure came freakishly close to May’s number, clocking in at 53 562.

South Africans’ favourite cars have basically stayed the same, with a little change up in the ranks:

Top 5 Most Popular Trend Car in South Africa (June 2013):

1. VW Polo Vivo

2. Toyota Hilux

3. VW Polo

4. Nissan NP200

5. Chevrolet Utility


The Top 5 Motoring Brands in South Africa has also basically stayed the same, with a slight change in rankings:

June 2013:

1. Volkswagen

2. Toyota

3. Ford

4. GM

5. Nissan


For more interesting facts and figures, check out the image below:

Cars motoring infographic June

You can also go have a look at the infographic for May 2013 to compare the two.

Audi vs Audi RS4

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Audi S4 vs Audi RS4

Chris Harris is at it again.

This time, the car fanatic sets out to see which Audi can call itself king between a older, second hand S4 and a brand new RS4.

The older model had some help from REVO Technik, which should obviously help it in it’s performance. But will that be enough to tackle the RS4?

Check out the video below to see which one of these two Audi’s wins the drag race and title of ‘better Audi':

Infographic of South African Automotive Scene – May 2013

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publishes a monthly motoring report in the form of an infographic.

This infographic details the South African automotive scene.  (more…)

Hyundai HND-9 concept revealed

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Hyundai has debuted the new HND-9 coupe concept at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show in South Korea that the company is saying is a  preview of a “next-generation luxury sports coupe”.

The HND-9,  the ninth concept model developed by Hyundai’s R&D Center in Namyang, Korea, represents an evolution of Hyundai’s fluidic sculpture design philosophy with an elongated hood, butterfly doors and hexagonal-shaped grille.

The vehicle is equipped with 3.3-litre turbo GDi engine and 8-speed auto transmission delivering 362 horsepower, a wheelbase measuring 9.4 feet and 22-inch light alloys wheels with carbon elements.


Rogue Rally Model/Pit Girl Search

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Rogue Rally is looking for 25 beautiful and confident women to join the millionaire’s only social event of the year.

The Rogue Rally is a road trip that will cover more than 2500 kilometres of South Africa’s best roads. A long the way the supercars will encounter special stages and events that will give owners the opportunity to enjoy the cars as the designers intended them to be used.

We have turned to our social media platforms to find the 25 lucky ladies to join us on this once in a lifetime trip. 15 of the winners will travel as the entourage for the 50 super cars in the rally including, McLarens, Ferraris, Porches and Maseratis as we cover the 2500 kilometers in 7 days. The other 10 winners will get the party going at the launch and closing events.


What average drivers can learn from Presidents’ vehicle security

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By Terrence Stoker

Despite media hype and according to recent stats, more South Africans have arrived safely this past festive season compared to the previous year. Whether this has been due to ramped up traffic policing, successful “Don’t Drink and Drive” campaigns, or simply good manners is uncertain. Individual safety as a road user, however, rests on slightly more tangible properties, which remain important for all.

Whether one is the or an average driver, there are universal precautions one should take on the road. Due to it becoming a habit, most drivers do not realise just how they behave as drivers: travelling at more than 100 kilometres an hour, in a powerful metal contraption weighing more than a tonne (sometimes several).


Виагра супер актив

Poseidon обзор