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badConline Product Overview

Published by on Jul 7th, 2006, No Comments

If record-shattering SPL is what you’re shootin’ for, then Audiobahn’s Flame Compression subwoofer is your new weapon of choice. Audiobahn’s stamped, balanced, flame design aluminum cone can belt out incredible levels of bass with virtually no distortion-causing cone break-up. The unique flame designed basket is cast out of 6mm thick aluminum for super-strength – your car will fall apart before this woofer does! Designed for the ultimate in SPL, Flame Compression AW1508T subwoofer features Audiobahn’s PHAT 2″ multi-layer foam surround for massive amounts of excursion, huge 360 oz. double stacked Strontium magnets, a vented and extended pole piece, flame designed back plate, Audiobahn’s exclusive multi-connect Lug Lock terminals, and a 3″ ASV former with dual high-temp 2 ohm voice coils. If you have around 2 kilo-watts of power to play with, step up to this beast!

  • Optimized for Maximum SPL Ported Enclosures
  • PHAT 2” Multi-layer Foam Surround
  • 360 oz. Magnet
  • Stamped and Balanced Aluminum Cone
  • 6mm Thick Cast Flame Basket
  • Multi-Connect Lug-Lock Terminals
  • Mounting Depth: 8”
  • Hole Cutout: 13 3/4”
  • Outer Diameter: 15 3/8”

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