Super Supercar Sounds

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If you like the sound a supercar makes just as much as the actual car, then this video is for you!

Posted by Supercars of London, this video compilation features several different super cars and their unique sounds. A proper show reel of performance and sound and something that will definitely get your engines roaring!

So, do you have a favourite supercar AND a favourite super sound?

Porsche Panamera GTS 2012

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The Los Angeles Motor Show was the platform for the debut of Porsche’s new Panamera GTS. Based on the Panamera 4S, the latest model is tougher, faster and sportier.

The engine has been upgraded  t0 the 4.8-litre naturally aspirated V8, making a total of 424bhp and 384lb ft with an additional 30 horsepower. Torque has been increased from 360 lb-ft to 384 lb-ft and the motor is coupled with a 7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) transmission in the Sport Chrono package.

The Porsche GTS weighs in at 1920kg which explains the 25.9mpg combined fuel economy and 256g/km of CO2 released. Porsche has also dropped the body by 10mm, tightened the damping system and tuned the chassis with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM). Handling is improved by the body drop, 19 inch Turbo wheels, Porsche Ceramic Composite Breaks (PCCB) and bigger brake discs.


The Toyota Prius I'd Drive

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We all know what’s the most successful hybrid of all times: Toyota Prius. But what we don’t enjoy very much is that it has a boring design. Things changed when Claes Gustafson and the crew at got their hands on one and created what you can see below for a Swedish TV show. And yes, that’s a Toyota Prius.

Even though the outcome is spectacular, it involved HARD work because there’s no body kit available for the Prius and they had to start with a modified Volvo XC90. They also removed the back doors and installed custom made knife doors for the front, installed a carbon fiber venturi, air suspension, 20-inch wheels and over-sized front brakes.

They didn’t work just on the tech part and the interior got improved, too. It has a central console with a custom dashboard and a 4,400-watt stereo system. However that’s not all because this hardcore Prius also features 15 LCD panels and a tablet PC for Wireless Internet.

“The goal … was to give the viewer a great show and, second, to show that a Toyota isn’t a boring and anonymous car,” Claes Gustafson told Wired. According to him, the whole idea was “to show that every car can be styled.”

It looks stunning and has a price that competes with that: $184,275. Is it worth it?

My biggest concern if all these things can be supported by those 4 batteries.


Autostyle Monthend Specials

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The Autostyle July Month end Specials is now available. Check out their newsletter to view this exclusive promotion.

Castrol Edge Subaru Extreme Makeover

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UPDATE: Castrol Xtreme Makeover wallpaper just releashed.


Take one pretty hot standard Subaru, add some spices in the form of a widebody kit, an engine tune up as well as an abundance of audio/visual products and the result is a mind blowing Japanese sports sedan..


Win a Sony Mp3 Cd Front Loader

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Its competition time!

Stand a chance to win this awesome Sony CDX-M9900 Mp3 Cd Front loader, boasting a powerfull 50w x 4, 4v pre-out and a 32000 color display! This model is no longer in production and we’v just managed to grab one to give away. Valued at over R3200!

Click to enter

Shane's Zoopedup Pug

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When it comes to modifying cars, it can be said that the Peugeot is not the easiest but it sure is one of the sexiest. Shane became a Pug fan having loved the 206 from the World Rally Championships.

With his new found passion for Peugeot Shane did what any Zoopedup man does, modify. First he slapped on 17″ Racing Hart Concepts mags to give the car more street cred. Exterior extras also included a mesh grill up front and a Power Flow Tailpipe. Since red was the in thing for his PUG he also installed under car neons (in red) and had the whole interior done in red suede to complement his new sound installation. Which consisted of one 12 Kenwood 1500w DVC sub connected to a 1100W Monoblock also from the Kenwood stable. To head up the install he selected a JVC front loader connected with 200W Kenwood splits to sort out the high ranges.


Rockford Fosgate turns 25!

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U.S. Car audio manufacturing giant Rockford Fosgate is celebrating its 25th birthday, and to mark the occasion, they have created a special line of amplifiers.

Branded as the ’25 to Life’ range, the amplifiers incorporate a distinct design that clearly separates them from Rockford’s normal range. The main three amplifiers in the anniversary range incorporate a ‘heatsink-type’ design for their external case, which is covered in a gunmetal grey paint finish.

All the input and output sockets for each amplifier’s wiring is incorporated along one side of the amp, which not only makes the amplifiers look really clean, but it will surely help car audio installers create some seriously neat installations.

As we all expect of Rockford’s products, the amplifiers are built using only the finest materials and have insane but very reliable power output ratings. This of course also adds up to a rather steep price tag: The cheapest in the range is the ‘Punch 45’ (70w RMS 2 channel) with a RRP: of $500. Next is the ‘Punch 75’ (120w RMS 2 channel) for $600, followed by the ‘Punch 150’ (180w 2 channel) for $800.

The real grand daddy of the lot, though, is the ‘Power 1000’. Just the name sounds expensive, and it is: If you want an amplifier that is seriously going to impress your friends, be the envy of every car audio addict you ever meet, and power your car audio install with 1400w RMS over 5 channels, you’ll have to cough up a staggering $1 600! (almost R10 000!). Yikes!


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