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Fisker Atlantic hybrid sedan revealed in NYC

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Fisker recently revealed its new Atlantic at the New York auto show, a plug-in hybrid sedan that with its good looks sets a new high for hybrids.

Although Fisker hasn’t been very vocal about all-electric range, cost or an estimated delivery date, for now the car speaks for itself.  It’s a ‘mid-sized sports sedan’, about the size of an Audi A5 Sportback, with a long bonnet that’s slightly uptilted in classic American style, an ultra-short rear deck and hidden rear door handles.

One thing executive chairman Henrik Fisker was very happy to talk about was that the Atlantic is a car that will be built and will go into production. It is “a promise we are going to deliver,” he said.

When it does eventually arrive, the Atlantic is likely to look very similar to the vehicle revealed with Fisker stating in his presentation that the company does not do concepts making reference to the little change seen in the Karma from auto show reveal to showroom.


2012 BMW i8 Spyder Concept

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BMW, that will be chopping the top off its i8 hybrid for the upcoming Beijing Auto Show, has recently revealed some images of the new convertible i8 Spyder supercar a few weeks ahead of the official unveiling in China.

It’s a sign that Munich will offer a convertible i8 alongside the tin-top coupe when BMW i8 sales kick off in 2014. The convertible will sport a two-section folding back roof, converting the coupe into the roadster in just a few seconds.

The i8 cabrio gives a few pointers to the likely format of the production cars. The Spyder has a slightly shorter wheelbase and overall length, suggesting that showroom i8s will be more compact than the concepts seen so far.


Porsche Panamera Plug-in Hybrid

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While Porsche‘s first plug-in hybrid will be the exclusive and expensive 918 Spyder due next year the sports car manufacturer will be introducing even more plug-ins in the future.

While a plug-on hybrid version of Porsche’s Cayenne SUV would likely make the most sense as a hybrid with the size to carry a heavy battery and electric motor setup, insiders have revealed that a plug-in hybrid Panamera could be launched in the next two years, ready for 2014.

Speaking to Automotive News, the sources commented that the production of the vehicle will commence in 2014 and is likely to then be sold in the U.S.


BMW i3 electric hatchback for 2013

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The production version of BMW’s i3 electric hatchback will be ready for 2013.

The team, headed by Ulrich Kranz is already well into prototyping with both i3 and i8 undergoing early on-road trials in Miramas, BMW‘s own proving ground near Marseilles, and near the Arctic Circle. First spy shots taken of the car, show a heavily camouflaged vehicle that still fails to disguise its radical proportions, large-diameter skinny wheels and the extrovert aerodynamics

The BMW i programme has been a huge undertaking for BMW, not only because of the revolutionary engineering and design concept, but also because of the scale of the whole operation which will include the production of about 100, 000 vehicles per year.

The i3 will also be joined by the i1, i5 and i8 to round up the model range that will have a significant impact on the emerging green car market. The proposed i range features: The i3 four-door hatchback in late 2013, the i8 two-door 2+2-seater coupe in early 2014, The i5 high-roof long-wheelbase five-seater wagon/MPV hybrid potentially in 2015 and the i1 2+2-seater short-wheelbase city car potentially in 2016.


Pininfarina Cambiano Concept Leaked

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Named for the city that Pininfarina calls home, its Cambiano concept may just be the sexiest plug-in diesel hybrid ever created. While the vehicle will make its official debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Pininfarina chose to release some of its concept shots in advance.

The Cambiano is powered by batteries, a diesel-fueled turbine or both and propelled by an electric motor at each wheel. The car gives a maximum output equivalent to 816 horsepower and can sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 155 mph.

While showing-off a supercar performance, the Cambiano was primarily designed to be environmentally friendly and so emits just 45 grams of CO2 per km which should be clean enough for the car to be compliant with future Euro 7 emissions standards.


Tesla Unveils Model X Electric SUV

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Tesla Motors has recently unveiled its third electric car, an all electric vehicle, the Model X. Built on the same chassis as the four-door Model S, the Model X is a hybrid, a cross between an SUV and minivan.

In terms of the exterior the model has  “falcon wing” doors that are similar to the gullwing doors often seen on concept cars but rarely on actual production vehicles. Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, says that the advantage of the doors that lift upward make it easier to get in and out of the car especially in tight parking spots.


BMW Unveils 2012 Olympic Pavilion

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Just months before the 2012 Olympic Games kicks off in London, BMW has unveiled its new pavilion that will be constructed in the host city.

The winning design came from the British architectural firm Serie after bids from six different companies. As the sole automotive sponsor of the international event, BMW has been given permission to build its pavilion at the Olympic Park where it will remain for the duration of the Paralympic Games as well. It is expected to attract about 8000 visitors per day.

Built for the purposes of entertaining VIPs, the pavilion is also available for anyone who enters into the Olympic Park. The top floor of the double-story constructions will showcase the latest models and the lower floor will have future mobility exhibitions and events with BMW-sponsored athletes.


Toyota Launches Prius C in Japan

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Toyota Motor Company has recently launched the Aqua hatchback, known as the Prius C in international markets, in Japan.

The entry level hybrid prides itself on a fuel efficiency of 35.4 km/L (83.3 mpg US; 2.8L/ 100km). Powered by a 1.5-litre Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II), the Aqua produces a combined motor and engine output of 100 PS (98 bhp / 73 kW). For improved engine efficieny, the vehicle features a cooled Exhaust-Gas Recirculation system and a battery powered water pump. The water pump, unlike other traditional designs, reduces friction on the engine and allows precise control of coolant flow.

The Aqua has a starting price of 1.69 million yen ($21,700) and Toyota Motor Company has plans to sell 12,000 units per month.

In addition, Toyota as also announced that it will be launching additional TRD and Modellista versions of the new hybrid.  For the TRD there is a new front bumper lower apron with integrated LED lights and side skirts. Also available are a new set of wheels, firmer shock absorbers and springs plus a stainless cat-back exhaust system with dual tips. While the Modellista package offering is similar to that of the TRD, there are two versions available each offering a 5-piece body kits containing front and rear aprons, side skirts and roof spoiler.