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Chris Harris and the all new BMW i8

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Dubbed the ‘sports car of the future’, the BMW i8 has been making a lot of waves lately since it was officially unveiled at the New York Auto Show a while back. So, naturally, the ‘man about cars’, Mr. Chris Harris himself, had to test drive the i8 and see what all the fuss is about.

Chris, who obviously lives in the UK, had specially flown to Los Angeles to take the i8 for a spin. While, admittedly he was quite annoyed with the traveling, his review of the i8 was rather good. (more…)

Up close and personal with the BMW i8

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BMW i8

While we have known about the BMW i8 for months now – the much anticipated Hybrid electric luxury car has finally made it’s official debut at last week’s New York Auto Show.

The i8, which serves as both an electric and hybrid car, is definitely one to draw attention. However, besides it’s sleek modern and somewhat futuristic looks, the car is actually a celebration of what modern, green technology can bring to the auto industry.

The car features an astonishing 362 horsepower. That’s quite the powerful car. It combines a 3 cylinder petrol engine with an addition electric engine which obviously attributes to the car’s high horsepower. (more…)

Tesla Model S will get Titanium battery shield to combat fire problem

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Tesla’s electric sedan, the famed Model S, has been hailed by many as “the safest car on Earth”. While some of that statement might be true, there seems to be one, little factor that is a throne in Tesla’s safe side. And it’s quite a big one – fire.

Over the past few months, Tesla has been plagued with complaints of it’s model S catching fire when it is in a crash or comes into contact with road debris.

This happens when the underbody of the car, which carries the battery pack, is punctured. While there have been 3 reported incidents of a Tesla Model S catching fire, luckily none of the passengers in these cars were injured. (more…)

Formula 1 introduces new engine

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Formula 1 has recently introduced the new engine that will be used this year. And boy, it is really quite jaw-dropping!

The all new, turbocharged 1.6 liter V6 engine is also a hybrid-electric engine. This comes after the immense pressure that Formula 1 and all of it’s affiliates have been under recently to make the competition (including the cars, obviously) more ‘green’ and environmentally friendly.  (more…)

The Mercedes ‘Vision’ Golf Cart

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Mercedes-Benz has come up with their rendition of a (very) futuristic looking new age golf cart.

This plug-in electric golf cart is electrically driven and powered by a solar panel charged battery. So it is not only a sleek, modernised version of a traditional golf cart, but a greener, eco-friendly option too. (more…)

2014 Mazda6 to launch in Moscow

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Mazda will be revealing its mid-sized sedan 2014 Mazda6 Atenza at the Moscow Motor Show next week.

The new model will be powered by the aut0 manufacturer’s Skyactiv technology and draws its design from the Kodo “Soul of Motion” language. The Mazda6 is the second of a new generation of vehicles to adopt this following the CX-5.

The powertrain has also been incorporated with Mazda’s regenerative breaking “i-Eloop” system which includes stop/start technology, contributing to an improvement in fuel efficiency.


2013 Mazda 6: What to expect

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Since its introduction in 2002, the Mazda 6 its all its incarnations has shifted over a million units. Whilst this may come as no surprise to those who’ve seen it first-hand (or indeed those who voted it ‘best family car’ in 2012 in What Car? Magazine), it seems a quietly sensible car, albeit one with a stylish and mega-modern design. The result of the Japanese company creating a new visual language of sorts (codenamed Kodo) for its designs, sees the 2013 Mazda 6 looking positively ferocious with its headlights-cum-hawk eyes and sleek, aerodynamic chassis.

The buzz around it is making car enthusiasts desperate to catch more than a fleeting glance! Charging ahead with the Takeri concept the company unveiled last year, the newest model will champion the futuristic appeal we’ve come to expect of Mazda.


Audi pulls the plug on A2 EV project

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has confirmed that Audi will be pulling the plug on its A2 electric city car project with a main concern over the car’s price tag of at least €40,000.

First shown in 2011 and originally expected to go into production in 2015, the A2 featured an 85kW, 199lb ft electric motor and 125-mile range. The electric vehicle was timed to go into production in order to compete with BMW’s i3 hatchback. 

When the company executives became uneasy about the small EV, measuring less than 4m in length, with the large price tag they began to doubt whether it in fact was a worthwhile project to undertake.

With the demand for mass-market EVs having shown low demand by the public that includes the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-MiEV, even with governments in Europe offering a discount, Audi no longer considers the manufacturing and marketing of the electric A2 a priority or any other EV for that matter at this time.

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