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Ferrari's Felipe Massa to Get a Three Year Contract Extension

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Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa is working wonders for Ferrari this season ahead of much hyped teammate Fernando Alonso and the 28-year old Brazilian driver might be rewarded with a contract extension sometime soon. As per the rumor mill, Massa is being extended for three years and his new contract will run through to the end of 2013 which will make him even more secure than Alonso. It was earlier being speculated that Robert Kubica could replace Massa as Alonso’s teammate in 2011. Massa has turned out to be the star performer this season and Ferrari is in no mood to let him go. Indeed, Stefano Domenicali told German magazine Sport Bild that Ferrari wants “to build with Felipe into the future”.

Schumacher Still a Threat in Formula One?

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Michael Schumacher, the most successful driver in the history of F1 is still a competent threat to his rivals as per the new generation F1 drivers. He may be struggling this season with three bad races, but he will soon be back to his best. Nico Rosberg mentioned that he has the best team-mate he could ask for and Schumacher will soon get back to business. He has been out fort three years and that is a very long time and therefore a proper comeback will take time.

Michael Schumacher Malaysian Circuit

Nico gave his Mercedes team the first podium finish of the season as Schumacher again failed to impress. Michael himself believes that he is not a magician and he will require more races to get back the winning touch. He did acknowledge that he was pacing the car, but at the moment the car is not where he wants it to be. When he was a champion, he had the car to do it which is an important aspect.

The Mercedes unit is on schedule when it comes to developing a driver specified racer and soon the results will start getting better.

What do you guys think? Is Schumi still a threat to other pilots in Formula One?

Lewis Hamilton Charged for his Burnout Act

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Lewis Hamilton

As F1 pushes for better road safety measures, star F1 McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton was charged by the Victorian Police for exactly the opposite reasons. Lewis, the 2000 F1 champion was caught doing burnouts in his company car which is a silver 2010 E500 saloon. Lewis was pulled over by a Victorian Police divisional van and he will now be summoned for an improper use of a motor vehicle. His vehicle was also impounded for 48 hours but the officer on duty did appreciate the Briton’s co-operation. Lewis issued an immediate apology to team McLaren condemning his act, while he was terribly worried about denting his repute and he was visibly upset.

Alonso wins Season Opening F1 Race in Bahrain

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While a few put their money on the returning veteran Schumacher in Bahrain and a few others though it would be Red Bull to take home the laurels, it was Fernando Alonso from Ferrari who eventually managed to win the season opener in Bahrain.
Alonso Wins Bahrein 2010

Red Bull did run the show initially but it was an exhaust problem which pegged back the Red Bull driver’s advance on the F1 circuit. Sebastian Vettel was the pole sitter for the race but with reduced power he managed to finish fourth. The German driver considered himself lucky to finish the race but he thought he should have won it. For Massa, it was an emotional comeback after a career treating injury marred his prospects in the last edition of the F1 racing. Meanwhile, Rosberg managed to defeat Schumacher and finish fifth, just one place ahead of the seven time world champion.

LADA branding embraces the 2010 Renault Unit

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Russian automobile manufacturer LADA has joined forces with F1 team Renault for the 2010 season and the entire Renault unit which includes its 2010 F1 car will be endorsing the Lada logo. The logo will appear on the monocoque sides of the R30 Renault F1 car as well as the team uniform.

2010 Renault R30 with LADA logo 1

It is no hidden fact that Lada owns a major share in the F1 Renault unit and even Russian PM Vladimir Putin has announced that Lada will sponsor the Renault F1 team in 2010 and even the financial participation in the project could increase later on. It seems fitting for Renault F1 unit to embrace the Lada branding for that at least gives the French automaker a chance to exist in the F1 arena.

2010 Renault R30 with LADA logo 2

Lotus 2010 F1 Car T127 Launched

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Lotus T127 - Lotus Cosworth Racing Launch1

With the Bahrain GP closing in, it was time that the Malaysian-owned F1 team Lotus unveiled its 2010 F10 car and Lotus has come up with the T127. The 2010 T127 comes in a deep green color with a yellow trim and the developers acknowledge that it is slightly overweight race car. Lotus started developing the car as late as September last year and hence it was difficult to develop a light car in just 5 months but the T127 does look shorter in appearance compared to the Ferrari or the McLaren F1 units. Team Lotus intends to finish every race this year and but realizes that it will not be easy. For Mike Gascoyne, one of the experts engineers from the F1 circuit, The T127 is a good, solid current car irrespective the fact that it was produced in 5 months. The race car will be thoroughly tested at Jerez next week.

Schumacher to race for Mercedes Until 2012

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If earlier reports indicated that Michael Schumacher will be with riding under the Mercedes F1 team flag for only one year, we just caught wind that the German racer actually intends to be with the team until 2012. After 91 grand prix wins and a 16 year long career, Schumacher returns to the circuit being persuaded by his former Ferrari technical director, Ross Brawn.

Michael Schumacher and John Owen

It will take time to get over the Ferrari hang as Michael Schumacher won 5 titles with the red devils over a period of 14 years, prior to becoming an advisor for the Italians. Schumacher could end up as a brand ambassador for Mercedes once he is finished racing for the team in 2012. He also clarified that his number one driver status talks were a hoax as it was always up to the team management to decide his status and it will be no different while being on the new team. [via ]

Breaking: Schumacher is confirmed for Mercedes-Benz

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German newspapers are reporting the Schumacher has apparently agreed to a deal worth only 3.5 million Euros to drive for Mercedes-Benz next year.

The amount doesn’t sound right to me, but hey, we’ll definitely know in the next few weeks how much he signed for. The good news for Formula one is that its most winningest driver of all time is back on the starting grid.

Lets just hope he can still cut it.