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Time for Team Red Bull to Move On As McLaren Looks to Take Advantage

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The warring Red Bull teammates Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber need to be quick with their patch up work or otherwise close compatriots McLaren could surely use the situation to their advantage.

There have been talks about indifference between the two teammates as well as an internal division and in such a situation, the Red Bull outfit will definitely find it difficult to come up with positive results in Canada. The positive sign is that the supposed culprit Webber has shown intentions to patch up as he mentioned – We’ll probably have a difference of opinion about what happened until we go to our graves, but we’re both adults and we need to find a way of racing together. If the two cannot manage to get their relationship back on track, they won’t be sharing information as much at the next race and that, as per Jenson Button will benefit McLaren hugely.

Team Red Bull Marred by Internal Division

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It was Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso from Ferrari who were amidst similar controversies (though, because of different reasons), but now Red Bull partners Vettel and Webber have divided the team internally. Such talks have surface after the Turkish GP debacle which saw Lewis Hamilton draw the advantage home.

Sebastian Vettel

Red Bull tea management spoke about Webber’s fuel-saving engine setting which clearly indicated that Red Bull wants the younger Vettel to win the 2010 title. However, Dr Helmut Marko is denying any internal division as he mentioned that both the drivers were being handled in the same manner.

33-year old Webber is now the clear title leader even though Red Bull may want Vettel to be crowned champion. Meanwhile the Ferrari boss had a word to say about this ongoing internal spat as he mentioned that Red Bull management was trying to create tension between Massa and Alonso and interestingly, Red Bull is now facing the same situation in its camp.

Schumi Bounces Back in Barcelona

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Michael Schumacher is finally finding some form and Barcelona of all places was the one where he managed to one up his own team-mate Nico Rosberg and also impressed his harshest critics. Experts had already written him off before the Spain edition of the Grand Prix but Schumi for once looked a champion that clinched the F1 Title seven times.

schumacher button barcelona

It was Italy’s Corriere dello Sport which vehemently mentioned Schumacher is once again a great man. There he is again! La Gazzetta dello Sport which was typically critical of Schumacher’s decision to return t F1 and his sad performances also appreciated Schumi’s effort in Spain dubbing the Barcelona Race as his real start at the event.

Fanatics believe that Michael will keep getting better from here and even his team has now started understanding the kind of cars he requires.

Former F1 Champion Jacques Villeneuve Eyeing an F1 Return

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jacques villeneuve

It’s not only Michael Schumacher who’s looking for an F1 comeback, the likes of 1997 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve are also eyeing their return to the circuit. Villeneuve is still practicing to make his dream come true which is why he is maintaining his fitness condition by using a bespoke EUR400,000 machine which has been conceived by his famous trainer, Erwin Gollner. Villeneuve almost made it back to the F1 circuit with the Serbian outfit Stefan GP but sadly the Zoran Stefanovich headed unit was not granted an entry in this year’s competition. He also mentioned that he is ready to replace any current driver in the ongoing season and he is confident that there is still place for experienced contenders on the circuit.

Coulthard Wants Critics to Judge Schumi after Half a Season

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michael schumacherFormer F1 driver David Coulthard isn’t pleased with Michael Schumacher’s apparent criticism as he believes that Schumi should be give more time in this season to gain a firm footing.

David believes that it is not Michael’s fault and Mercedes should be blamed for not offering him the kind of car he likes to drive.

Schumi is 40 points behind his own teammate Nico Rosberg in the first four races and the revised Merc package for the Barcelona GP is being touted as his last chance to avoid being written off.

Coulthard thinks that Schumi should be given more time (at least half a season) before being assessed.

As per him, the current car Schumi is driving was originally made for Jenson Button who switched to McLaren making room for Schumi in the rebranded Brawn team.

Coulthard is hopeful that the seven time world champion will have to wait for Mercedes to develop the right kind of car.

Hamilton’s Weaving to Be Discussed at The Pre-event Drivers' Briefing in Shanghai

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25 year old Briton Lewis Hamilton is finding himself making news for all the wrong reasons this year. His ‘weaving’ defensive driving act at the Malaysian Grand Prix has been heavily criticized by a number of F1 experts and news is that the weaving act will be discussed by at the pre-event drivers’ Briefing in Shanghai.

lewis hamilton

Hamilton was severely criticized by Brazilian veteran Rubens Barrichello of Williams and Pole Robert Kubica of Renault for his car handling when he defended against Kubica’s team-mate Russian Vitaly Petrov. Barrichello also mentioned that the drivers also have a kind of verbal agreement that you should move only once during the protection of your line.

Hamilton’s defensive tactics were worthy of punishment as it was against the sprit of the competition. Mark Webber is however of the opinion that this issue should be “tidied up” when the drivers congregate for their pre-race briefing in Shanghai.

Ralf Schumacher Defends His Brother's Return

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Ralf and Michael Schumacher

34 year old, former Formula 1 driver, Ralf Schumacher has openly gone on record and defended his brother’s Formula 1 return. As per Ralf, Michael sees his F1 return in a very relaxed way and he returned to the circuit to have fun and take up a challenge. Michael’s performance this season has been lackluster and therefore many a groups have condemned his return as a failure. His team on the other hand is confident that Michael is looking for his desired car and he is close to getting it, something which is important for the driver. Ralf also did not rule out his chances of the F1 redemption as he currently has signed for another season in the German touring car series DTM. [via ]

Schumacher Not Ending His F1 Career Early

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Michael Schumacher Mercedes-Benz Formula 1

Michael Schumacher, the seven time world champion with Ferrari with 91 race wins in his kitty is struggling to work up his magic with the Mercedes moniker. The former champ who is on a comeback after a three year lag hasn’t managed to start better than 6th in Bahrain and differs by a whopping 26 points when compared to his team-mate Nico Rosberg.

Nico has managed a podium finish so far and a front row start. As per Mercedes’ competition director Haug, Michael’s stint this time around will not be cut short because of his disappointing season this far. He believes that Michael is motivated enough to be successful for a long-term with Mercedes and he will start working his magic as far as his car does it for him.

His results until now haven’t been his fault and the experts know exactly the problem causing the whole “limitation”.