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Alonso back on top

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They came, they saw, they conquered. The McLarens, that is. Fernando Alonso only lost the lead to team mate Lewis Hamilton during the pit stops, and then not for long.

The rookie, meanwhile, fended off Felipe Massa at the start and successfully rode shotgun, never quite able to launch a challenge, all the way to the flag. The silver cars arrived there four seconds apart after their 78-lap demonstration run, and it was another 65 seconds before Massa’s Ferrari crossed the line. (more…)

Hamilton leads the F1

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After four races, and a record-breaking four successive podiums for a rookie, Lewis Hamilton leaves Barcelona as the leader of the 2007 Formula One Drivers Championship, something that not even he could have imagined possible when he signed the contract with Ron Dennis back in late 2006. But despite not winning his first race yet in motorsports elite series, Lewis is showing the kind on consistency that allowed team mate Fernando Alonso to take the 2005 title with Renault, and the kind of spirit that made such names as Jim Clark, Ayrton Senna and Gilles Villeneuve title contenders on so many different occasions.

Lewis is bound to make mistakes this year, as have many drivers around him have, but to become the first Briton to lead the championship in over four years, it is something to cherish for the future when, in years to come, Hamilton lifts the important trophy at the end of a season. Probably not 2007, maybe not even 2008, but at some point, the young man will surely succeed in his dream and goal.

Traction control banned in 2008

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Traction control will be banned in Formula One from next year, the sport’s governing body confirmed on Friday. The systems, standard on most ordinary road cars to reduce wheelspin and make vehicles easier to handle in the wet, were first banned at the end of 1993 to prevent the technology reducing the importance of driver skill. They were then reinstated in 2001 because of the difficulty of policing them amid allegations of cheating. That problem should be overcome with the introduction next year of standard electronic control units, the “brains” controlling the systems. Any device or system which notifies the driver of the onset of wheel spin is not permitted.

Volvo rocks SEMA

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Shortly after releasing info about the new C30, Volvo showed some artists drawings of the concepts slated to appear at the 2006 SEMA show. Those 3 drawings showed some creative thinking and the potential for some serious performance. The reality seems to live up to those drawings. Volvo has jsut released a whole host of pics of all 3 beasts. Interestingly, the IPD model (which I expected to be the most real) is the most radical, sporting NOS bottles, tuner sized speaker bank and gullwing doors. The Evolve machine is most definately this most intriguing to me now that I’ve seen the pics. This yellow monster looks ready to hit the track and you can bet that we’ll see it in action in some series next year. I think this is a clear indication of the direction Volvo is planning to take with the C30.

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Michael Schumacher's retirement earnings

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Michael Schumacher has no plans to stop earning a lot of money, according to the retiring Ferrari driver’s long time manager. Willi Weber told newspaper ‘Bild am Sonntag’ that his goal is to make the seven time world champion an ‘advertising emperor’ in the years following his final race on the grid in China next month. He revealed: ”Most of our existing partners will stay with us, and we will also be working on the next super deals.” Personal sponsors DVAG, Shell and Omega have already renewed their deals with 37-year-old Schumacher.

The Sunday newspaper also reckoned that, even from his mansion in countryside Switzerland, Schumacher could earn more in 2007 – up to $26 million in total – than his brother Ralf, world champion Fernando Alonso and Ferrari replacement Kimi Raikkonen. His total fortune has reportedly surpassed $800m.

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'Mass Damper' saga appears in court

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After banning the ‘Mass Damper’ system pioneered by Renault last season, the FIA appeared yesterday in the Appeal Court to justify their decision, even though the race stewards at the Hockenheim race deemed the system ‘legal’.

International Court of Appeal

Although there are a number of teams effected by this decision, it is rumoured that this device will be integral in Renault’s pursuit of the 2006 Championship titles.
The French team will attend the hearing as an ‘interested party’ and have expressed that they will abide by whatever decision the Appeal Court reaches.

Pat Symonds, the engineering director for Renault has stated that he believes the court will rule in his favour:

If the FIA wins the appeal – and I really do not believe the FIA can win the appeal on the grounds they have said – but if they do then we really have to start to relook at the definition of what a racing car is – its suspension, everything.

If the FIA choose to interpret in the particular manner they are doing now, then there are many, many other parts on the car open to interpretation.

It’s quite obvious that they (the FIA) never understood the system. Because you can’t change your mind about something factual. If someone’s shirt is blue, it’s blue. You can’t have that as an opinion.

A verdict is expected by later this afternoon so be sure to pop back in later to see if there are any updates.
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Bounce Up and Down for Angles Galore!

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Now you can go to a car race and see and hear just about everything that’s going on with Kangaroo TV, a handheld device that can stream 10 live MPEG4 video channels along with audio feeds and data. It’s being rolled out first at racetracks, where fans like to hear the radio chatter between pit crews and drivers, as well as keep tabs on the leader board and see sections of the track that aren’t visible from the grandstand. Using Kangaroo TV, they can receive multiple streams of data while choosing between various camera angles, including in-car views.

Montreal-based Kangaroo TV rents out these units for $50 a day or $70 for a weekend at NASCAR races, where the product is branded NASCAR Nextel FanView. The units are also being rented at Formula One races and the Champ Car series. The company has plans to expand its service into other sports where spectators need to see multiple locations to tell what’s going on, such as skiing and golf, and also plans to cover basketball, football, baseball and many other sports.

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2 more races till 3 year 'engine-freeze'

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The FIA and the GPMA have finally reached an agreement regarding the proposed 3 year engine-freeze in Formula 1.

Max Mosley - FIA

It was initially proposed that the engine-freeze would be put in place as of 2008 but that the manufacturers will be forced to revert back to the engine specs they had as of the end of the 2006 season.
This would entail that manufacturers would essentially be wasting money on any engine development that takes place during the 2007 season.

Max Mosley of the FIA and Burkhard Goeschel of the GPMA (Grand Prix Manufacturers Association) reached an agreement to put the freeze in place as of the Chinese GP, giving teams only 2 more races to develop their engines further.
The reason behind this is said to be a cost-cutting initiative.

So, the engines used at the Chinese GP in a few weeks time will thereafter remain the same until the start of the 2009 season, where the FIA plans to introduce technical regulations that are designed to promote energy-saving techniques into Formula 1.

The only changes to the engines that will take place will be where the FIA deems it “fair and equitable“, or in 2008, when manufacturers will be forced to retune the units down to an imposed rev-limit of 19,000rpm.

At this rate, badConline may have to start looking for another F1 reviewer because if things continue in this downward spiral, I’m guaranteed to lose interest in the sport.

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