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Lewis Hamilton wins World Championship

Published by on Nov 24th, 2014, No Comments

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton is definitely one very happy man this Monday, as he managed to clinched the title in the final World drivers Championship at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix yesterday.

Even though Hamilton was considered by some ass the favourite for the title from the start, he had seemingly tough competition from his Mercedes teammate, Nico Rosberg.

Unfortunately for Rosberg (and fortunately for Hamilton) he experienced some car issues that meant that Hamilton had the lead from the beginning, right until the end when he crossed the finish line as the new World Champion.  (more…)

Lewis Hamilton vs Ken Block at Top Gear Festival

Published by on May 22nd, 2014, No Comments

Hamilton Block

The Top Gear Live Festival hit Barbados last weekend, and with it, they brought two of the racing world’s most famous racers – and they’re not even in the same category.

Ever wondered how a F1 race car will perform against a rally car? Well, this is exactly what the Top Gear festival – hosted by the equally entertaining Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond – brought to the fans in Barbados this past weekend. The team brought along American professional rally driver, Ken Block as well as British F1 sensation, Lewis Hamilton, to take a trip around the track.

Block has been a rally champion several times. He is also an all-round extreme sports fanatic, so naturally he was super keen to take on the F1. On the other hand – or wheel – is Hamilton, who really needs no introduction. (more…)

F1 drivers can now (legally) celebrate after races

Published by on Feb 20th, 2014, No Comments


Imagine the thrill of winning a Formula One race. It’s probably one of the most thrilling, emotional and satisfying feeling in the world. So naturally, you would want to jump out of your skin of excitement and celebrate – obviously by making a ‘victory doughnut’.

However, that wouldn’t be allowed. Until today, that is.  (more…)

Formula 1 introduces new engine

Published by on Jan 29th, 2014, No Comments


Formula 1 has recently introduced the new engine that will be used this year. And boy, it is really quite jaw-dropping!

The all new, turbocharged 1.6 liter V6 engine is also a hybrid-electric engine. This comes after the immense pressure that Formula 1 and all of it’s affiliates have been under recently to make the competition (including the cars, obviously) more ‘green’ and environmentally friendly.  (more…)

Ferrari 599 GTB 60F1 Special Edition

Published by on Dec 8th, 2011, No Comments

Designed to mark six decades of winning in Formula 1, Ferrari is launching a special edition 599, called the 599 GTB 60F1 and here are the first pictures.  Froilan Gonzalez won Ferrari’s first F1 race in in 1951 and 60 years later, Fernando Alonso won Ferrari’s first race of the current season.

Based on the HGTE version of the 599 GTB, visually the 60F1 has styling flourishes inspired by Gonzalez’s 375 and Alonso’s 150° Italia F1 cars. Customers will have a choice of three liveries including: The 375 F1 colour scheme with a scarlet first used back in the 1950s, the 150° Italia hues with the latest-generation rosso paint and white lower bumpers, A-pillars and buttresses and a version of the above but without the bling-white A-pillars. All the cars get 20 inch diamond-finish forged alloy wheels, satin-finish fuel filler cap and scuderia shields painted on the front wings.

The interior showcases Sabelt straps, dark technical fabrics and grippy Alcantara. A numbered plaque on the dashboard will feature the signatures of both Gonzalez and Alonso.


Ferrari and Red Bull withdraw from FOTA

Published by on Dec 7th, 2011, No Comments

The New York Times recently reported that both Ferrari and Red Bull have withdrawn themselves from the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA). The organization serves as a forum for advancing the goals of the sports teams.

Ferrari stated that the organization had “run its course” having never fulfilling any of the goals it originally set out including installing a cap on spending to level the playing field among teams and increase competition in this notoriously well-funded branch of motorsport. The eleven member FOTA team all agreed on setting a limit on spending but never followed through.

Both Ferrari and Red Bull were two of the largest teams in FOTA and their withdrawal will likely have a significant impact on the organization going forward.


Redbull & Renault Renew Parternship

Published by on Sep 12th, 2011, No Comments

Among all the automakers that have supplied engines to Formula One teams over the years, Renault is likely considered the most successful. While the French car manufacturer has seen world champion status with its own team in 2005 and 2006, a significant amount of its achievements have come from its success supplying independent teams.

Renault’s most powerful partnership to date has come from its collaboration with Red Bull Racing. The team is the current world champion in both the drivers’ and constructors’ categories and this is expected to continue with the recent renewed partnership agreement for five more years.

Renault Sport F1 will continue to supply Red Bull Racing with V8 engines and KERS Motor Generator Units for 2012 and 2013 and will then develop innovative technical solutions for the V6-based power unit that will be introduced from 2014.

Bernard Rey, President of Renault Sport F1, stated that “Red Bull Racing and Renault share the views that stability is a fundamental condition to perform at the top levels of competition. As well as being a unique opportunity to showcase the performance of the Renault engines at the highest possible level, it is also a fantastic arena to develop the technology and expertise within the Renault-Nissan Alliance.”

Schumi “Confession” Is False

Published by on Aug 12th, 2011, No Comments

There’s a lot of hoo-ha in the British Press at the moment over Michael Schumacher’s “confession” that he is the problem with the German Mercedes GP team. If you haven’t seen the comments yet, here they are, as reported by Top Gear’s online magazine:




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