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Concept car news

Mini Cancels The Rocketman mini Mini

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has reported that Mini’s mini Mini also known as the Rocketman has been cancelled.

Some features of this futuristic city car include double hinged doors, carbon fibre spats, suede leather and paper material used in the interior, emphasised tail-lights and pull-out drawer at the trunk for loading and holding personal items.

Among the many new Minis that BMW have recently signed off on, the Rocketman, with its extremely short wheel-base, is unfortunately not one of them.  The Rocketman concept was originally revealed as part of a design study showing what a shrunken Mini could look like in the twenty first century, that was true to the brand’s core values.

The reasons for the cancellation of its production are not due to marketing or costs but rather a variety of problems that included the considerable investment that Munich would have to make to make the city car meet current regulations and the stability, handling and crash performance of the small vehicle. In addition, The Rocketman concept was just 3419mm long (versus 3723mm for a current three-door Mini hatch) and 1907mm wide.

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2025 Lincoln Student Project Could Be a Reality

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Two students from Lawrence Technology University in Michigan, U.S.A Colin Bonathan and Jeeho Cha have presented renderings of their proposal for an all-electric Lincoln Continental for production in 2025. The project is fully endorsed by Lincoln’s parent company, Ford who were very impressed by the futuristic and innovative vehicle.

The idea started in the summer of last year when the design students began to work on the concept. It was presented to officials of the American automotive giant and it had the desired effect with the agreement of an endorsement deal. At the time, The Ford officials liked it so much that they commissioned to have a quarter-scale model displayed at the recent Detroit Auto Show.


Ford EcoSport Concept Revealed

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Ford’s chief executive officer Alan Mulally has recently revealed the automaker’s new EcoSport concept car at the 2012 Delhi Motor Show.

The eco-friendly SUV launched alongside seven other new Ford models in India by the middle of the decade. Based on Fiesta running gear, the B-platform is destined to underpin more than two million vehicles a year by 2015.

Under the hood, the vehicle is fitted with Ford’s smallest engine  – a 118bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost engine that will churn out 120PS of max torque. A 1.5-litre diesel powerplant is to follow.

The production EcoSport is being built in South America under the One Ford strategy so while Delhi will be the first to receive the new model, sales will follow in South America, China, North America and possibly Europe at a later stage.

Image source: Top Gear

Lexus LF LC Concept Leaked

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The image above, reveals the new Lexus LF LC concept car expected to be officially unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January. have reported that all they know for certain about the new model is that it’s been created at the company’s California design studio, the same place where the original SC430 was drawn.

The new concept is about the same size as the SC and also has two doors but it differs in that there is a pair of seats in the back. The image also suggests that it has a targa top and while Lexus have yet to confirm, it is possible that the new concept is a rear wheel drive and the spacious body work could be wrapped around the Toyota GT 86 platform.

2013 Kia GT to produce coupe and wagon

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There have been rumours circulating that Kia was planning to build a production version of its GT concept but a new report but a new report has indicated that the new model could also be available in a wagon and coupe variant.

Citing anonymous sources, Inside Line reported that Kia is considering a series of GT-based vehicles rather than a single sedan or hatchback. The aim of this decision is likely to assist Kia in spreading out development costs while allowing the model to target a wider range of consumers.

While no date has been confirmed for the launch dates of the coupe and wagon, the standard model could be available in 2013.


Honda’s new Acura NSX supercar concept

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Honda has officially confirmed that it will be showcasing its new NSX supercar concept at the upcoming Detroit Motor Show in January 2012. The next-generation Acura NSX supercar will be one of four all-new vehicles revealed by Honda next year.

Some background on Acura – it’s Honda’s upmarket wing in America that came to Europe as a Honda. It’s still fondly remembered as one of the first supercars to add comfort and ease to its pursuit of outright speed with three-time Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna involved in its development. An earlier NSX project was scratched during the financial storm of 2008 but Honda are clearly back on track with this new project.

Aside for the confirmation of the project, Honda has not revealed much information but by looking at Honda’s latest strategy the new NSX will pioneer a more sporting hybrid application of the technology seen in lesser Hondas.

The Acura NSX is expected to be a two-seater with a lightweight build, a full zero-emissions EV capability and a launch date speculated to be in 2013.


Honda RC-E Electric Superbike

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Honda showcased its new RC-E Electric superbike at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. While details are limited about the new concept, the machine is designed as a dual-purpose track heathen and commuter.

Tiny LED headlights are tucked into the front fairing and rear of the bike with turning indicators. While the bike is purely a concept at this stage, there is a small change that the RC-E may hint at what Honda has planned for the future of the company’s motorcycle design.


Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV II

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Mitsubishi has showcased its PX-MiEV II concept for 2013 at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The vehicle is a plug-in hybrid version of the Mitsubishi Outlander and will be available to own sometime in 2012.

Power comes from an internal combustion engine and two electric motors. Using two 60kW electric motors individually powering the front and rear wheels, the hybrid can drive exclusively in electric mode for up to 50km and a further 800km when combined with its petrol engine.

The vehicles also offers three driving modes that combines electric and pedal power. In the case of an emergency the PX-MiEV can act as an outdoor power supply through a socket that supplies the stored power in the battery.