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STi-powered Kiwi track car

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The New Zealand-designed Saker GT race and trackday car (above) has gone on sale in the UK through Dragon Autosports Ltd. The Saker has a Subaru STi flat-four mounted amidships, a tubular steel chassis and fibreglass body. It weighs just 765kg in race trim and its boxer engine produces 320bhp. Performance will depend on gearing and engine spec (upwards of 400bhp will be available), but expect 0-60mph in around 4 seconds and a top speed of 160mph or more.
A road car is undergoing SVA testing, but it will remain a stripped-out track-biased machine, though air-con and other creature comforts are being investigated. In race form the Saker GT costs around £33,000; for more info go to
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It’s almost unbelievable: On Friday, Barabus announced the imminent release of their Barabus TKR, a brand new supercar that is set to annihilate the Bugatti Veyron’s current status as world’s fastest supercar.

Packing 1005 horsepower (the Veyron manages only a measly 1001hp), Brabus says its TKR will accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 1.67 seconds, which has left many enthusiasts asking whether that is even possible. The car has an adrenaline-pumping and absolutely ludicrous top speed of 432km/h (or 270mph) – almost 32km/h faster than the Veyron. All this power is made possible by a 6 litre twin-turbocharged V8 with dual intercoolers, all of which is wrapped in a complete carbon fibre body and chassis.

Developed during the last ten years, the TKR is to be made in Italy although its engine is built in Britain. If you’d like to buy a TKR, you had better get into the queue and start saving. Only 300 to 400 will be manufactured over its three year production period, and each car will retail at a heart-attack inducing $500 000 (R3.5 million)!

If you happen to be in the U.K. later this year, you can check out the 2006 British International Motor Show, where the TKR will be on display.

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Is it a Cayman? Is it a 911? No!! It's the 997 911 R, G, something, something…

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The motoring industry has done it again. Ok, not the motoring industry in general, but the performance and street-racing car manufacturing industry: They’ve launched yet another car with so many letters and numbers in its name that by the time you’re done trying to remember how to say all the letters and numbers in the correct order, you’ve forgotten what car you’re even talking about!

This time the car in question is the brand new, fabulously fast Porsche ‘997’ 911 GT3 RSR. Phew, quite a mouthful. Now catch your breath and read on:

Developed by Porsche in response to increasingly stiff competition from such illustrious marques as Ferrari and Panoz, the GT3’s 3.8 litre 6-cylinder Boxer engine delivers 485hp at 8 400rpm, while its maximum torque is 435 Nm at 7 250rpm.

I wonder if it comes with heated seats?

With the release of the GT3, Porsche is hoping to kick some major ‘Le Mans’ 24 hour racing butt in America next year. According to them, the GT3 is the ‘best race car (Porsche) can build’ in terms of ‘the existing sports car GT class rules’.

The car is due to be available around the world in time for the 2007 racing season.

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Ferrari 575GT Zagato

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Zagato recently unveiled their bespoke Ferrari 575GTZ at Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance in Italy. Zagato, based in nearby Milan, was commissioned by Japanese collector Yoshiyuki Hayashi to create a new body for his 575M in the style of the 250GTZ Berlinetta.

Despite the same underpinnings as the 575M the whole car has been remodelled, striking a balance between its Fifties forebear and more contemporary Ferraris. Marking the 50th anniversary of the 250GTZ, the 575GTZ uses similar two-tone paintwork over a more voluminous form, the flanks now wrapping under the rocker with enlarged rear haunches and slim side-vents, as on the 250GTZ, while the front also bears graphic resemblance to the 599 GTB and 612 Scaglietti.

The Ferrari 575GTZ will join Hayashi’s extensive private collection, which includes a 250 Spider California, two Daytonas and a 166MM.

Ferrari 575GT Zagato