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Road users can assist with swift emergency response

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Road users can assist with swift emergency response

Next time you consider driving in the yellow lane, also consider the possibility that a family member or friend might need urgent medical treatment and someone is sitting in the emergency lane! has added a section titled This includes suggestions on how all road users can assist emergence response vehicles to arrive swiftly at accident scenes:

• Ensuring they have information on hand when calling – accurate address details and nature of the incident.
• Landmarks are useful and if no street names exist, agree on a meeting area at a specific landmark.
• Allowing emergency vehicle right of way to respond to the emergencies and giving way timeously.
• Allowing access to the scene of the incident and patient/s.
• Send someone to meet the vehicles, ensure that security at entrance points are made aware of emergencies in complexes, switch on some outside lights if incident is at night, clear access routes and lock away any dangerous or vicious domestic animals.

Netcare 911 has also suggested that road users acquaint themselves with the following important aspects:

• Emergency services personnel need access to the scene and patients and members of the public can assist by allowing this and leaving them to do their jobs.
• Once the emergency personnel arrive, leave it to them.
• Safety of the public is also a top priority and they must not approach any dangerous area or situation as they may just end up adding to the casualties and increase the workload for the emergency services.
• Keep updating the call centre if anything changes or you are concerned about anything else as they may need to change the level of the response or the resources allocated to it and can relay further information to the response team.

Remember that emergency medical teams need our assistance to provide them with the time and space for an effective medical response. The least we can do is allowing them this!

Easter road safety message to all road users

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Easter road safety message to all road users

The would like to wish all the visitors to Car Blog a happy and safe Easter! May everyone travel savely to their destinations and obey the Rules of the Road!! May we obey more than only the speed limit, but also buckle-up, check the roadworthiness of vehicles, and avoid the evils of fatigue and drunk driving!

Every vehicle has limitations…

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Every country has bad drivers

Every vehicle has limitations

…and every country has bad drivers! We can only imagine what this truck driver must have been thinking when he decided to cross the rails…. The has a section titled but we never even considered “Sharing the rail with trucks”!!

What are our motorists reporting?

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What are our motorists reporting?

This report from the RTMC provides an indication towards the nature of reports on bad driving. Unfortunately it does not yet give a breakdown on the make of vehicle and it is expected that this will be available during 2008.

It is clear from this Report that there is a much greater involvement from the public towards making reports in Gauteng than in the other provinces!

Visit the for more information on:

• Registration as a Voluntary Public Traffic Observer
• Reporting of Bad Driving
• Background to the National Traffic Call Centre

2 lives lost in accident by speeding taxi

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2 lives lost in accident by speeding taxi

The taxi had been travelling North, on the N1 near the Olifantsfontein bridge, in the fast lane when the driver lost control and swerved sharply to the left, crossing all the other lanes before leaving the road and rolling down an embankment coming to a stop just next to the freeway on ramp. Several passengers were flung from the vehicle as it overturned.

Arriving paramedics and a Netcare 911 doctor found one woman already dead on scene and 3 others that were critical, one of these patients, an adult male died a short while later at the scene.

South African Blogging Awards

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It’s that time again to nominate and vote for the best of South Africa’s blogosphere in the SA blog awards. Last year Car Blog ended up 9th in the “Best New Blog” category. This year we’re entering “Best overall blog” and “Best Sports Blog”. If you have enjoyed reading Car Blog this past year please take a moment to nominate us in the above categories. Just Click on the badge below to automatically nominate us and then scroll to the bottom of the page to make it official. Thanks and keep on reading!

You can be fast…but safe on the Road!

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You can be fast…but safe on the Road!

May this Road Safety Campaign commissioned by Arrive Alive Communications at the Department of Transport make a significant contribution towards changing behavior on the roads!

Click here for the and more !

What if my car ends up in the water?

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What if my car ends up in the water?

Even though most of us seldom drive in close vicinity to water – this danger is something we might need to be aware of. With changing weather patterns and flooding in money areas of South Africa, we need to pay attention to the possibility that our vehicles might end up in deep water.

In 2007 a bridge collapsed in the Unite States and lead to the deaths of several motorists. The decided to add content for road users on the topic of

On the 28th of July 2007 Netcare 911 received a call for an accident where the driver of a car that was being towed had lost control and crashed through an armco barrier landing up almost completely submerged in a slime dam. This occurred on the N1 North just before Maraisburg.

Rescuers rowed their inflatable rescue boat up to the victims car where they prepared to slide her onto a spine board, she was then transported by boat to a point where she could be carried by rescuers up the embankment and then to the Netcare 911 ambulance with it’s internal heater on max to assist in increasing her body temperature, the patient was transported in a stable condition to a local private facility.

Visit the for more information on how to protect yourself in such a scenario.

* The good news is that a follow up revealed that the patient was doing extremely well!