What it feels like to go 275km/h on a motorcycle

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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to drive really really fast on a motorcycle? Sure you have.

While many of us wondered what it would feel like, not everyone will actually muster up the courage to actually do it. Especially not if said motorcycle is going at an astonishing 275 kilometers an hour!

One fearless daredevil did exactly that, blitzing through Hong Kong on a motorcycle going 275km/h. And, in the process, decided to film it in order to give people like us the opportunity to experience driving that fast from his point of view; you know, so it actually feels like you are holding on for dear life at the back. (more…)

Vilner’s Custom Triple Speed Bulldog

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The Speed Triple model, the most popular and iconic of Triumph’s motorcycles, first appeared in 1994.

Bulgarian Vilner Studios decided to remake the Speed Triple model manufactured by the British company targeted for the Russian customer.

By adding new features to the outfit, Vilner Studios ensured a more aerodynamics vehicle. Modifications, that were inspired by the classic English Bulldog, included the replacement of two headlamps for one, the replacement of mirrors over the handlebars, black exhaust pipes, new racing wheels and other details embedded in the blinkers.


Racer Riccardo Russo forgets final lap

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Motorcycle racer Riccardo Russo held a three-bike lead over his nearest racer at the CIV motorcycle racing championship, but when he started the final lap, he thought he had already crossed the finish line and won.

Unfortunately for him, he was wrong. Russo began celebrating his victory by raising his body off the bike and pumping his arms in the air clearly happy and relieved. While his competitors simply zoom passed him the top of the screen visibly reads ‘Final Lap’.

It’s a little painful to watch but worth it for the tight fight to the finish among the other racers.

The moment was caught on camera and uploaded onto YouTube by MotorsTelevision.


Honda RC-E Electric Superbike

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Honda showcased its new RC-E Electric superbike at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. While details are limited about the new concept, the machine is designed as a dual-purpose track heathen and commuter.

Tiny LED headlights are tucked into the front fairing and rear of the bike with turning indicators. While the bike is purely a concept at this stage, there is a small change that the RC-E may hint at what Honda has planned for the future of the company’s motorcycle design.


Marco Simoncelli Dies in Malaysian Grand Prix

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A week after the tragic death of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon, comes another fatality for the motor sport industry when 24 year-old MotoGP racer Marco Simoncelli was killed on the second lap of the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang on Sunday.

The young Italian, racing for the San Carlo Gresini Honda team, lost control of his bike at the start of the second lap when his front tyre lost grip and his bike fell causing him to skate to the left. When the front tyre gripped again, Simoncelli swerved into the path of Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards who couldn’t escape a collision. Simoncelli, who lost his helmet at 150mph during the crash, lay motionless on the track.

Half an hour after the race was stopped in was announced that Simoncelli’s injuries were too severe and he had died with reported tyre marks on his neck. Fortunately Edwards had suffered only a dislocated shoulder while Rossi escaped uninjured and returned to the pit.

In a statement, medical director Michele Macchiagodena revealed that Simoncelli “suffered a very serious trauma to the head, to the neck and the chest and suffered from cardiac arrest in the ambulance.”

Simoncelli’s death was the first fatality in MotoGP since Japan’s Daijiro Katoh died at the 2003 Japanese Grand Prix.

Image source: BBC Sport


Smart Plug-in Scooter Concept Set for Paris Motor Show; Sketches Revealed

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Smart has plans for a new two-wheeler concept, which will be revealed in the September Paris Motor Show. What’s exciting is that it will be a plug-in electric scooter.


The Charming 2009 Harley Davidson Iron 883

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We never lost passion for bikes, but for some reason our favorite two wheelers stopped from making it front page on badConline. That’s about to change, and the first model to revamp our series, is the new Iron 883 from Harley Davidson. Based on the entry-level Sportster platform, it’s part of the Dark Custom lineup dedicated to the young. All wrapped in a black matte finish, with a fuel-injected 883cc V-twin engine perfect for those city rides, the 2009 Iron 883 is the stylish ride you’ve been looking for. Available for an affordable $7,899, we can already feel the adrenaline rushing and hear the classic sound of a Harley. Don’t you?

Harley-Davidson quietly launches XR1200 in US

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There’s nothing official yet, but rumors say that Harley-Davidson quietly launched the XR1200 bike in the US. First intended for the European market, the guys at HD never ruled out the option of selling it in the United States, too, but only if the demand proved to be strong. And that’s exactly what happened. At least one dealership in Westminster California is taking preorders and what you should know is that you only have till December 15 if you want to be on the list. The rumored prices for the orange XR1200 in the US is going to be $11,179. – via