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BMW unveils streetlights that double as electric car chargers

Published by on Nov 11th, 2014, No Comments

BMW Light & Charge

We’re all for greener, more Earth-friendly electric cars. While at first there was only the Prius – that in all honesty wasn’t the best looking car – there are more and more electric cars and hybrids popping up that look and perform way better.

Thus is it almost inevitable that one day, electric cars will be the market standard.

However, there is one problem that electric cars face; charging. Sure, you can charge your car at home, but you won’t be able to travel as far as you would want to with the initial charge before your battery runs out and you need to plug in again.

Well, this is one problem that BMW is looking too eradicate – thus making it easier for people to drive around with their electric cars and in turn encouraging others to move over to the lighter side of (automobile) life. 

The technology that BMW unveiled recently is called ‘Light & Charge’ and the name is a literal representation of the system that is represents.

The German company unveiled their plans for streetlights that double as electric charge points for electric cars. Truly a very innovative and clever idea. The streetlights will feature LED lights that are similar to car headlights along with the BMW ‘ChargerNow’ electrical charging station.

The company’s ambitious plans was revealed at the Eurocities Cinference in Munich last week, and it is also in this city that the BMW plans to implement the first streetlights next year.

The company said that they will add two of these streetlights in Munich next year as sort of a trial run.

Speaking on the subject at the conference, Peter Schwarzenbauer, a member of BMW’s Board of Management, said that we need to implement a proper charging infrastructure if we want to fully benefit from electric cars.

And right he is. If this technology can get a foothold in the world, there is no doubt that it would make it a helluva lot easier for people to drive their electric cars and hopefully encourage others to use lactic or hybrid cars too.


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