Breaking: VW Amarok First Pictures

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The Volkswagen Amarok is scheduled to make it’s world debut on the 15th of December. We have however decided to not make you wait that long. All hail Carblog.

Good news is that you don’t have to ride around in one of those hideous looking Transporters if you want a double cab from VW. Isn’t this thing just the best looking double cab you’ve seen in a while. From every angle it looks the business and if the engine stats are anything to go by it will mean it too.

Initially there will be a 2 liter 4 cylinder common rail diesel producing about 120kw and 400nm which will be the strongest unit available. Fuel consumption will be awesome as the predicted range


Glad this didn't happen to me: Corvette Z06 smashed by train

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You’re driving along in your superfast Z06 – a vehicle that is capable of incredible feats of accelaration.  As you approach the rail crossing you see there is a train fast approaching. The adrenalin starts to pump as you realise that because you’re driving you Z06 – a vehicle capable of incredible feats of acceleration – you should be able to make it across before the train crosses the road.  You mash the gearlever into 3rd and stomp the accelerator hard. The force with which the car lunges toward the track is brutal.

No way is the train going to beat you. 400meters away and you’re winning, easily. 4th gear. 300m, 250m – why is that train suddenly moving so quickly. 200m. (more…)

Breaking: Audi A8 revealed – disappointing

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The new A8 from Audi was revealed last night in Miami. The design looks pure Audi – very understated, classy. If there is anything negative to say it is probably that the new A8 looks a bit boring. Nothing inspiring about it and looks like a bigger A4.

One would think that as the flagship of the Audi range the A8 would be something special, but as car designs go it looks like Audi is stuck in automotive groundhog day with it’s saloon cars.

The interior looks cluttered and it doesn’t really look like the neatest place to be with a whole host of buttons all over the place, no doubt to control every conceivable feature known to man. Still, that’s no excuse to create such a chaotic environment for it’s passengers when we’ve seen so many automakers move away from the button overload from a few years back so efficiently.

All in all then first impressions isn’t that great.

Click more for the full press release.


Glad this didn't happen to me: Murcielago smashes into pavement

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Back in the late 80’s Lamborghini built a vicious 4×4 called the LM002. It had the V12 from the Countach upfront and as you can imagine with that sort of power was an incredible vehicle offroad. It would have easily been able to venture off the tarmac and onto curbs, straight over them and not really getting damaged in the process.

The Murcielago not so much. This one smashed into a curb and lost it’s passenger side front wheel.

Glad this didn’t happen to me.

Glad this didn't happen to me: Nissan GTR hits parked car

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I’ve never driven a Nissan GTR, but I’ve heard that it is so good and that the driver is probably the worst link in the car. Some say it’s so good that you have to try really hard to lose control.

We can only assume that the driver of this unfortunate GTR tried really, really hard to lose control because as you can see it looks like he succeeded. Apparently he drove into the back of another car.

Glad this didn’t happen to me.

Bentley Continental GT Supersports 2010

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Los Angeles Times automotive critic Dan Neil reviews the $274,000 (R1.900.000) 2010 Bentley Continental GT Supersports.

Audi R8 video review

Published by on Nov 27th, 2009, 3 Comments

J.F. Musial drives the 2009 Audi R8 – great insight and commentary.

Audi hearts Bayern Munich, buys 9% of club for R1,020,480,057.15

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That’s right. Audi has bought 9.09% of Bayern Munich, the soccer club, for a massive amount of R1 020 480 057 and 15 cents if our calculations are correct. Which they are.

So if you like Audi, you’ll now feel like buying a Bayern Munich shirt. And if you like Bayern Munich, you’ll feel like you need an Audi.