Outrageous Insurance Claims for Exotic Cars

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ferrari wrecked

It is almost every hot blooded man’s dream to own a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but expensive cars come with expensive insurance premiums. Because exotic cars are placed in a high risk category due to their appeal to thieves and incredible cost of repairs, car insurance providers charge a higher rate of insurance premium to compensate.

To illustrate why these premiums are so high, below are a few examples of the most outrageous exotic car insurance claims:

1. Ferrari Enzo: Suleyman Kerimov, businessman and multi-billionaire listed by Forbes as one of the world’s richest people, Suleyman Kerimov bought a luxurious Ferrari Enzo car. When driving the car at extremely high speeds in Nice, he crashed into a tree and totaled the car. The crashed cost $1.2 million.

2. McLaren F1: Known as Mr. Bean from the Mr. Bean British television show and movies, actor Rowan Atkinson has been collecting exotic cars since 1982. Rowan bought the McLaren and used it for the family rides. The speed limit of the car is 240 miles per hour. In 1999, Rowan was driving the car and crashed into a Rover Metro. The car was estimated at $1.2 million US

3. Bugatti Veyron: The exotic Bugatti Veyron is one of the fastest cars and the insurance is very expensive. One of these luxury sports cars crashed in Britain. The crash is believed to be the most expensive individual car crash. It cost 1.6 million bucks.

4. Ferrari 250 GTO: In 2008, an English buyer bought a Ferrari 250 GTO for $28.5 million at an auction which made it the most valuable car in the world. He was involved in a crash and totaled the car. It is the most expensive car crash ever.

5. Bugatti EB110: Valued at $500,000 the Bugatti EB110 is one of the more expensive and powerful fast cars. Famous “feel good” guru Emile Ratelband was the owner of a 1992 Bugatti EB110 and had it in a garage for an annual check-up. A mechanic was test driving it when he claims he hit an oil slick and crashed it into a pole.

6. Mercedes Benz SL 300: The SL 300 “Gullwing” is one of the finest exotic car. An owner of one of these cars valued at about $750,000 decided to race it on the streets of Mexico at the annual “La Carrera Panamericana” race. Unfortunately, he crashed the car at a cost of almost a million dollars

It is always sad when a gorgeous exotic car is damaged in an accident. However, for those who own them, they can greatly afford the costs. Insurance companies, however, probably weep a little when a claim is made for one of these exotic cars.

BMW X9 concept – WTF?

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Let me start this post by saying that I don’t pretend to know anything about creating computer generated concept vehicles. I have no idea what happens from the point where the designer gets an idea into his head to the point where we look at pictures going: “Is this real or is this photoshopped?”

Car designers are amazing and there is no way I would ever be able to create something even remotely resembling the pictures you see here. You see it almost looks like this thing really exists and for that I applaud the designer.

However, there is something very wrong with the car that he has created. Very very wrong.

Ugly doesn’t really do the car justice. I believe the word I am looking for could be hideous or even repulsive.  BMW would not like to see their badge on a car such as this. Atrocious could also do.

Unfortunately I believe that this lad might be onto something. Here I am writing about this vile creation, people will no doubt be looking at this car from all the different continents and by tomorrow Mr Khalfi Oussama could be a household name.

If you want to see other projects by Khalfi go to , sit back and enjoy.

Audi S1 on the way

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Audi will introduce the S1 to the world at next years Paris motors show with sales to start 6 months later.

The very small very hot hatch segment will certainly be a very exciting segment over the next couple of years with the arrival of the Mito cloverleaf from Alfa and of course the current Mini Cooper S. The S1 is going to be powered with a friskier version of the 1.4 turbo engine similar to the one to be used in the upcoming polo Gti, but undoubtedly a bit more powerful given the S1’s premium positioning.

Sales will start only September next year which means you still have enough time to save the R220 000 – R250 000 the little thing will cost.

Speculated Renderings: The New Audi A6

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The New Audi A6 is turning out to a quite an elusive animal. Normally when a car gets close to the final production version there are countless pictures of ugly, patched up and camouflaged test mules designed to give the pre production versions a run in the real world.

With the next Audi A6 it’s and entirely different story. While trawling the web for news about the next A6 all you’ll find is 3 pictures of an old A6 with flared wheelarches claimed to be a drive train mule, but that unfortunately is it.

So far no further pictures have been spotted of the car in any way shape or form which begs the questions: What are they hiding and what the hell does it look like?!

What I’ve found in search of the answers are a whole lot of photo shopped pictures of the new A6 which doesn’t look too bad. You’ll also find some photos of the alleged drive train mule.  Enjoy.

Auris X competition

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auris x

There’s a new online competition to celebrate the launch of the Auris X, with prizes including R15 000 cash and a PS3. But even if you aren’t out to win the competition is still worth checking out – it’s a challenging and entertaining game that will test your mental agility as you embark on a journey which will see you hunt for Xs all over the internet.

It works like this:

The game is based here, where you will find a map of South Africa. There are Xs all over the internet. You need to find them and then place them on the map you will find on the site, in order to mark your turf and eventually find a hidden Auris X Showroom. For now, you need to do is register and start hunting for those Xs. In case you need some help there are bunch of clues from Buddy the Boxer and his friend Chi Chi the Chihuahua to help you on your way.

The hunt will take you all over the net and even back in time, you will have to answer questions, find clues and play games within the game. Some Xs are easy to find, others will really test your mental strength. The more Xs you use to mark your turf the better your chance at winning prizes worth R30 000 smackeroos!

The prizes are:

1st Prize: R15 000 Cash

2nd Prize PS3 120GB Console

3rd Prize: PSP Black

4th Prize: Apple iPod nano 8GB – Black

5th Prize: Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB

Enjoy the ride, it’ll Xhilarate you! Happy hunting. You never know, there may even be an X hidden somewhere on this page!

But what about the new Auris X?

The Auris X is the next generation Auris, offering a sleeker and more sophisticated driving experience than its predecessors, and it’s also more fuel efficient. The idea is to deliver superb economy with minimal environmental impact, and with 74kW and 132Nm it delivers class-leading performance, along with a whole bunch of extra attention to quality and safety. For more on the Auris X including full specs, go .

Bike rider defies death with insane jump

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I know it’s not exactly car news, but anyone that likes awesome will enjoy this video. It’s about a crazy man called Robbie Maddison on a little two stroke bike defying certain death by charging over some obstacles to reach the correct speed to do this jump.

The adrenalin that must’ve gone through this guy’s body must’ve been enough to jump start a dead elephant. The true question I suppose is how he managed to make the jump with a scrotum filled with steel?

Glad this didn't happen to me: Flaming Murcielago

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Murcielago burning

They say Lamborhinis are hawt and that they know how to attract a crowd of onlookers.They say the Murcielago is the last true Lambo and that it is the last of a breed of hairy chested, fire breathing supercars. They even say it looks like a bat flying through the fiery gates of hell even while its just standing on the side of the road.

All we know is don’t play with matches around one of them because apparently they’re made from really flammable stuff…


Cape Town business man donates Audi R8 to car guards.

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