Car versus train – no contest!

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Doing research on , I have come across interesting data. Approximately 95% of accidents are caused by driver error – and these are inattention, driver distraction, risk taking, disobeying or lack of knowledge of the road rules and sometimes suicide.

Some of the facts are:

• Stopping distance: Trains can’t stop within 1.5 km
• Relative size: If trains were cars you would look like a soda can
• Number of level crossings: There are 7500 level crossings in South Africa
• Number of fatalities: 13 persons were killed last year in 129 incidents

Why do we say there is no contest? – it is obvious that there are a significant size difference – but for the best display on what happens when a train crashes into a motor vehicle we have to refer to our Top Gear experts and a video clip titled “Top Gear Level Crossing Public Service Film”

Mzanzi Ridez – Motor Headz by Ready D

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Hello I am DJ Ready D from , a self confessed Hip Hop and Motorcar junkie. I am grateful to be in your company, but I do hot wish to be cured.

Planet earth is on the brink of a recession with rising interest hikes, fuel, food and all the other basic necessities that keeps the human race functional. In Mzanzi, Eskom is knocking the masses lights out.

On the flipside we have a breed known as Motorheadz that refuse to be left in the dark. My passion and job led to encounters with builders and drivers the world over. Not so long ago we traveled to L.A and Las Vegas to cover the custom car scene. Our week in L.A. was a good run up for the main event nearly 500km away. Passion for cars was evident on every street, round every corner and most car dealerships. SUV’s on 24inch chrome rollers became a regular sight. Porsches ran the streets on Santa Monica and they where as common as City Golfs in South Africa. We dropped in at places like Platinum Motor sport to witness Bentleys, Benzos and Lambo’s get ripped to the gut and rebuilt for SEMA in Las Vegas. (more…)

Land Rover Experience

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Would you like to be more acquainted with your off-road vehicle? Looking for some off-road adventure? Keen on some entertaining and educating 4×4 assistance on all terrains? Land Rover Experience Western Province have recently launched their web site and they offer fantastic courses for all 4×4 enthusiasts, be it Land Rover or any other off-road vehicles.

Clients who own a valid South African code 08 driver’s license (or the equivalent International driver’s license) can build their skills and confidence so that they may use their vehicles safely and over a variety of off-road terrains.

Courses available are: Level 1, Level 2, Sand and sand recovery, Recovery course, Trailer handling and Advance driving. We aim at creating harmony between the capabilities of man and machine, each able to respond to the needs of the other to produce the desired result.

Corporate events and team building can easily be arranged for top clients and / or employees, with Team Discovery offering an effective process to inspire and encourage individuals and teams to achieve ongoing success. Designed to meet your special needs, whether driving or team building.

Land Rover Experience WP also supports the ‘Fragile Earth‘ -initiative in conjunction with numerous Global Environmental Sponsorship Partners, like the ‘Born Free Foundation’, the ‘Bioshpere Expeditions’, ‘Earthwatch’ and the ‘Royal Geographical Society’.

The Land Rover Experience is known for the grueling G4 Challenge and the Land Rover Global Challenge.

Visit the website for more

Use technology to slow down and avoid fines!

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Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar, spokesperson for the Johannesburg metro police department, said motorists forking out large sums of money on laser- and radar-jamming equipment could end up facing harsher consequences than a speeding fine.

Car navigation systems that detect speed traps, jammers that scramble speed-reading equipment and sprays that make number plates invisible to cameras are among the devices available to help motorists to avoid fines.

“When the instrument used by a motorist has the capability of jamming police equipment, the person using it is at risk of being charged with defeating the ends of justice, which carries a jail term,” Minnaar said, adding that several motorists had been arrested, charged and heavily fined after being caught with jammers.

He said GPS systems that warned of known trapping spots or popular sites for mobile speed traps were both legal and welcomed by the JMPD. [TomTom refers to such info on the GPS as an extensive safety camera database]

“Anything that causes a motorist to slow down and obey the law is good.”

View the Arrive Alive website for more information on

We need to identify and acknowledge our best taxi drivers!

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We need to identify and acknowledge our best taxi drivers!

We need to identify and acknowledge our best taxi drivers!








Our minibus taxi is not seen by other road users as a “car” – but more as something between a “car” and a “bus”. Those who do not live in the cities do not understand the frustrations brought about by these vehicles and their drivers – and also not the importance of these vehicles for the South African economy!

The minibus taxi industry consists of approximately 150 000 minibus taxis. From a road safety perspective it is alarming that of the 36 lives lost daily on our roads – 3 are killed in taxi related incidents. It is of extreme importance that we address the behavior of minibus taxi drivers – and providing an incentive for their safe driving behavior can only benefit other road users.

The brandhouse Number One Taxi Driver Campaign is such an initiative placing a special emphasis on further educating those drivers who are committed to providing quality service in roadworthy vehicles, while driving safely and with courtesy.

The will provide detail on this Campaign – and give recognition to those drivers who are showing their commitment towards road safety!! Also view information on the website on  and

What do GPS users say about driving and traffic safety?

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What do GPS users say about driving and traffic safety?

What do GPS users say about driving and traffic safety?










Research was commissioned by TomTom and conducted recently in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the US and provides valuable insight on the importance of GPS for road safety.

The key findings of the research were as follows:

• The use of satellite navigation devices heightens awareness and reduces the stress levels of the driver
• The use of navigation devices reduces the driver’s workload*
• The use of a satellite navigation device improves the driver’s behaviour when driving through an unknown area to an unknown destination
• The use of a satellite navigation device reduces the number of miles driven when driving through an unknown area to an unknown destination
• The use of satellite navigation devices reduces travel time when driving through an unknown area to an unknown destination

“TomTom has consistently led the market with innovative safety features such as hands-free calling, the Help Me! emergency menu and clear spoken instructions in our navigation devices,” said Harold Goddijn, CEO of TomTom. “We are pleased to see objective research further validate the fact that navigation contributes to driving safety and efficiency. Furthermore, the study shows that using a navigation device – compared to navigation by conventional means – reduces the number of miles that people drive when travelling through an unknown area to an unknown destination, which in turn has a positive effect on the environment and fuel costs.”

The has included these findings in a section titled These findings are of special importance as South Africa gears up for the 2010 World Cup. Many foreigners will travel across South Africa for the first time – and GPS devices could enhance the safety of their travels!

I have a problem with speed!

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My name is Johan…and it seems I might have a problem with speed…or so it might appear with the 2 traffic fines on my desk! This opening sentence might well be the statement of a habitual speedster at an AA meeting. The truth is however that I am totally committed towards road safety and have always paid my traffic fines. Both these fines are for exceeding the speed limit of 60km/h – once for driving 74km/h and the other for doing 77km/h.

The first fine was picked up on the road from the Cango Caves to Oudtshoorn and I can remember spotting the traffic official neatly camouflaged next to the road whilst reducing my speed from 100km/h to 80km/h to the alleged “74km/h”.

The fine that intrigues me is the one stating that I have driven 77km/h in a 60km zone. This was for an offence near Richmond and indicates as location “ N1 Construction 11.6”. Is it possible that a traffic official decided it an opportune time to place his speed camera at the stretch of road where traffic were stopped at a road block and then allowed to proceed in a single lane? I cannot remember seeing any 60km/h sign at the stretch of road under construction and did not see any traffic official.

The fine indicates that there is a “Film Number” and a “Frame Number” but what would this help me? To acquire this photographic evidence I will incur additional costs and to go to Richmond and defend myself in the Magistrates Court is not an option. To risk ending up in jail with people who have done worse than exceed the speed limit is also not an option.

Perhaps my problem is actually not with speed – but with the lack of visible traffic enforcement. I would have been comfortable had I been pulled over and told of my offense. Now it is a month later and I cannot remember the event. I will simply have to join the line of disgruntled motorists having to fund a small local municipality!!

Visit the Arrive Alive Website for info on

Land Rover supports the British Eventing Team

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Eventing is the ultimate test of both horse and rider, and encompasses three disciplines: dressage, show jumping and cross country. It’s also one of a handful of events where men and women compete on equal terms, proved by World Champion Zara Phillips.

Land Rover has been a long-term supporter of World Champion Zara Phillips and now they’ve announced that the Land Rover Discovery 3 is the Official Vehicle to the British Eventing Team (William Fox-Pitt, Sharon Hunt, Mary King, Tina Cook and Daisy Dick) the very best of British luck this summer.

And here’s a video with the latest commercial, called “Horsing Around”, in which Land Rover shows their support for the team. Pretty funny, don’t you think? Enjoy! And you can find more info about Land Rover and the British Eventing Team on the official Land Rover website or on the site created for this campaign.