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Audi Q4 Concept: Preview Sketches

Published by on Apr 9th, 2014, No Comments


Audi has become quite renowned for sneaky previews of their latest models. Just as they did with the ads for the S1, Audi has done it again by teasing us with sketches of the highly anticipated Q4 concept.

Audi’s Q4 is a concept SUV tat will combine both fuel and electrical motors. The company has labeled the all new Q4 as a ‘plug-in hybrid crossover’.

Luckily for us, the sketches won’t be the nay thing we will be able to see about the car for a long time. The Q4 will make it’s official debut at the Beijing Auto Show next week. So while it’s all good and well to look at the sketches, we only have a week to go to see the official, real-life model. 

According to Audi, the Q4 was inspired by one of their most famous models, the Audi TT. It is also combined with their Allroad Shooting Brake concept to give the Q4 an unusual, yet very interesting edge.

It is believed that the Audi Q4 will feature a sturdy 2.0 liter turbocharged, four cylinder engine while also sporting 2 electric motors.

Nothing official has been released about the car’s performance, but critics are speculating that the Q4 will have around 402 horsepower output – a similar number to that of the Allroad Shooting Brake.

Check out Audi’s reader sketches below:







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