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7 year old has the best birthday ever

Published by on Apr 30th, 2014, No Comments

lamborghini 7 year old

We all know that boys love their toys – and especially 7 year old boys who have just discovered the joy that is a super car. So what do you do, as a parent, to make your Lamborghini obsessed son’s birthday one he will never forget? You organize a fleet of Lambo’s, of course.

This is exactly what one father did for his son’s 7th birthday. Jacob, as described by his father, is one of Lamborghini’s youngest fans. So for his 7th birthday, he’s dad thought he would give it a shot at organizing a ride in a Lamborghini for his son.

The California native contacted the North Los Angeles Lamborghini dealership on Facebook and told them about his son’s biggest dream. Asking if there was any way they could help him  out by giving the little guy a ride, the team at Lamborghini North LA did one better.

Instead of only giving little Jacob a ride in his favorite car, the dealership rocked up at his house – while he was having a birthday party was friends in tow – with not one, but a dozen Lamborghinis.

Think Aventadors and Gallardos in all different colours (there was even a Batman inspired Lambo) all making a helluva noise and cruising down the street only to stop at little Jacob’s front yard.

The expression on his face (and his friends’ faces) is absolutely priceless. And luckily for us, the whole thing was caught on camera, so he can relive that moment forever.

It’s absolutely wonderful to see what the team at North LA Lamborghini did for this young Lambo fanatic. You can check out the tear-jerking video below.

Good luck to his parents for trying to top this birthday next year!